The Greatest Trick Plays in Football

Football Trick PlaysI had someone send me a clip of a trick play, and as often seems to happen, I got so interested in it that I wanted to see more! Well, you guys know how that works. I figured that if I was already watching all these videos I might as well catalog them to share, and to save anyone else wanting to see a list like this some time.

So, all of you wannabe football players out there – listen up! You better study these plays because you either need to use them against your bitter rivals, or ensure that they don’t use them against you!

The Wrong Ball

It’s amazing that this play even works. But when it does, it works well!

Greatest Fake Punt Ever

Crappiest video recording on this list, but just couldn’t leave this out. Watch the snapper closely.

Arkansas Vs Alabama 2006

Arkansas snaps the ball before Alabama gets on the field. First down!

Arkansas Vs Auburn 2006

2006 must have been the year of the trick play for Arkansas. And this is one I’ve never seen before!

The Little League ‘Wrong Ball’

Works even better with the kids than in college.

South Carolina Tricks Kentucky

Statue of Liberty

You gotta watch close on this one. Don’t worry, they show the close up instant replay at the end.

The Dipsey Doodle

Auburn vs Arkansas 2004. Watch the ball change hands no less than 4 times!

Homecoming Win

Tied game, clock running down, starting quarterback throws ball to backup quarterback lurking along the sideline, who hits a receiver on a slant who then outruns defenders into the end zone. Winning play.

2007 Fiesta Bowl

At least three major trick plays in one college game! Highlights from 28-28 to 43-42. Last trick plays of Boise State’s victory over Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl

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  1. i likegirls

  2. tater says:

    first of all the “fake punt” is a fake FG, some of these aren’t necessarily trick plays and that is not a statue of liberty

  3. Joel Klatt says:

    What about when we tricked the Refs into a 5th down for a national championship!? PWNED!

  4. J. Anthony Carter says:

    None of these videos come up for me to view… wassup wit dat?
    Also, where’s the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ Fumblerooski???

  5. jonathon says:

    i think that the option is a good play and the wildcat

  6. Mel says:

    This was on a 2 point conversion. The officails keep calling the line for interlocked blocking they were running a wedge offense and the officials didn’t seem to like it so the coach call this play. It was originally designed to end the practice. The coach figured that if the line was on the ground they couldn’t get a penalty.

  7. Greg W says:

    Great trick football plays! None better than the BSU and OK game though, WOW!

    Check this quarterbacks

  8. Robert says:


  9. Brian says:

    You definitely have to take a look at this play from the American Football Japan Championship (Rice Bowl).–2C-oQD9M

  10. Greg says:

    During the Michigan-Oregon game last year, Oregon, after running the Statue of Liberty play, ran a fake version of the play (i.e. a trick version of a trick play).

    Statue of Liberty:

  11. willy says:

    the one you have labeled statue of liberty isnt the name of that play. A statue of liberty was what boise st. did in the fiesta bowl

  12. Derek Wong says:

    I love the trick plays in football. They just show a level of practice and planning that is to be commended. Of course defenses never appreciate them because they make them look silly.

    Oh and hopefully I don’t come off as a jerk but the second video was for a fake field goal, not a fake punt. :)

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