What the Heck is a Blog Anyway?

John P.

BloggingDonncha reminded us all that there are still a lot of folks who don’t actually know what a blog is. However Lee LeFever over at Common Craft has once again come to our aid by creating a 3 minute tutorial. (Did you see the great Wiki tutorial?)

I think it’s funny because this very post is an example of just about everything covered in the video. Just watch and see.


  1. says

    Three weeks ago I had a small idea of what a Blog was, Today I have two fledgling Blogs. Still not sure how to define them, for me it is as personal or impersonal as you want to make them. The beauty of blogging is the diversity with which you can express or share. Mostly I am blown away by the tools available to bloggers. The inter connectivity and cross linking is still somewhat mysterious, cloaked in esoteric “Blog speak” tutorials, its like going to grad school again! Fascinating though, as I get up to speed.

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    OK, this is a great intro to blogging but I have to say I object to one little bit though: the notion of timeliness which to me is implied by the use of the word ‘news.’ Take WU for example, which doesn’t just talk about timely matters, or Shorpy – a photoblog but one that posts only old photographs. I’m not sure it’s a huge distinction to most people but I wish there were more disambiguation so that when I tell people I ‘work on blogs’ they wouldn’t assume that means I’m reporting something current, either events from my life or ones from the news :)

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    Nice clip not that long ago The Dane helped me with my first page, he created a nice template and explained me stuff in a few hours… It just took me several days (or weeks) just to get through all that… Now if people ask me about stuff (and for sure I am no expert and still at the very beginning) I can see the big questionmarks in their eyes ….
    At least I learned a lot from many of the geeks who are able to blog in a understandable language…


  4. Tom Barr says

    This kinda reminds me of when people say to me “Show me how to make a web site some time.” When I start explaining it I realize how much you need to know to do it yourself. Once their eyes glaze over I tell them just to sign up for a Blogger account, an Ebay store, or some freebie starter site. They usually don’t do it or ask me again. :D

    Anyways, it’s funny how we forget how much we actually know.

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    I just love watching his videos! I don’t know if it’s his voice, or the simplicity of ‘things’ a la the paper graphics, or what – I don’t even mind if it’s a topic I already know about – I just like watching!

    I am so surprised when I run across someone these days who doesn’t know what a blog is…a couple years ago, I was still explaining it constantly. Mostly nowadays, though, people already know – so when someone asks me what a blog is, it kind of startles me.

    I am always happy to explain it to them, though – and they often have trouble shutting me up – I just love everything about the blogosphere! (Well, except for maybe that stinky a*s Goog slap!!)

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    It’s funny once you’ve been doing it for a while, when people ask what a “blog” is, you sort of stop and realize for a second that not everyone is as up to date as you are ;)

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