The Greatest TV Bloopers… Ever.

TV Bloopers
John P.

TV BloopersThe other day I was watching the local news and I saw a reporter have a funny little blooper that sidetracked them. I wasn’t recording it or anything, but I later checked YouTube to see if anyone else got it so I could share it. Well, I couldn’t find that one, but boy did I hit the motherload!

So, here are the best news bloopers clips I could find (at least half an hours worth of entertainment). Get some Kleenex, because I was laughing so hard I cried on some of these.

This first one is the longest compilation at a little over 8 minutes. There are good ones sprinkled all throughout, but watch for the one near the end where a lady is reporting on “the rise in violence” in a neighborhood… It’s classic.

In this one, the robotic camera takes it’s revenge!

Watch for the dismount…

Nothing but game shows!

Crotch shots galore.

Keep an eye out for the pie to the face reaction.

Watch for the reaction of the people in the studio to the reporter whose camera falls over on it’s side. Extremely quick thinking there…

Here is a little compilation of 10 and one of the very last ones brought tears to my eyes. You’ll know which one when you see the snow truck!


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    I love things like this on youtube. Here’s another funny soccer bloopers clip.


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    great way to spend a Sunday AM laughing. Not sure how you find the time to locate all this stuff. When I go to you tube, I usually get hung there for hours. But then I have no discipline.

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    Thanks for sharing John,
    great stuff again… I guess you must get really bored of all the compliments you receive. did not have the time to look at all now, but will come back tonight to laugh some minutes…

    cheers and happy new year…


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    No problem John, those comments did look like spam, maybe I would delete them myself :)

    I’ll try to write longer comments from now on. Thanks for your time.

    p.s. these clips are great

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    I’m not sure which comments you are referring to unfortunately.

    Given the high volume of visitors to my blog, as well as the high number of spam comments that come in on a daily basis, I’ve instituted a number of rules which can be found here. I also have a number of moderators that help me keep an eye out since it’s hard for me to handle it all by myself.

    Occasionally we get it wrong and delete something that seems borderline because we can’t quite tell if the comment was made legitimately or just to get backlinks. The litmus test in some cases comes down to determining if a comment actually adds value to a conversation or not.

    Sometimes new contributors get excited and leave a whole string of very short comments, and although they may be legitimate we can’t tell the difference between this behavior and that of many spammers, so those get deleted. Sometimes people use a URL that is not personal or seems to be too commercial to belong to a real commenter, and those get deleted.

    Given that your site specializes in SEO it might have been mistaken for one of those spam commenters I just referred to.

    In any case, your comments are welcome here, as we are fortunate enough to enjoy a friendly community of regulars. I would just encourage you to keep these things in mind at least while our moderators are getting to know you so we aren’t accidentally deleting any more of your comments.

    We try to run a tight ship for the betterment of all around here. I’m hopeful that you will appreciate this difference between OMB and most other blogs.

    Take care,


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    Is there are reason for deleting my comments?

    I do believe that these videos are funny, if I can’t say that and not be treated like a spammer then I’ll stop commenting… what’s the point of comments if people can’t express their opinion?


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    Oh man, I’ll have to come back – I’m supposed to be ‘working’. Ugh. I saw one the other day, though – where a van actually smashed into the news building in the middle of a newscast – pretty funny!! And it was intentional!

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