7 of the Most Amazing Dogs You’ll Ever See

Mesmerized Puppys
John P.

Mesmerized PuppysI’m a dog lover. I’ve got two fantastic little girls myself (that’s them in the photo), Sandy and Lexi. And although we love them like they were our own children, they’ve certainly never done anything to garner the type of attention that the dogs in the following videos have.

We’ve got everything from a dog that walks on two legs, to one that rides a skateboard… a dog that dances like John Travolta, and one that attacks on command. Take a look at these animals and you’ll have to admit they are even more talented than most children!

Tillman the skateboarding bulldog:

Simon the Jack Terrier exacts his revenge on 74 evil latex orbs in a mere 57 seconds!

Skidboot, the smartest working dog anywhere.

Faith the 2 legged dog. I’ve written about Faith once before.

Rookie the dancing golden retriever. I’ve also blogged about Rookie once before.

Here is Maggie the mathematical genius.

Maggie the Amazing Dog – Watch more free videos

Finally, here is a whole troupe of jump-roping Japanese dogs.

Amazing Japanese DogFor more funny videos, click here


  1. says

    honestly, rookie isnt that much better than any dog could be, my 4 month old border terrier puppy can do twist, leg weaves and heelwork already, and my 4 year old border terrier (the puppy’s mum) is better :S

  2. says

    I am considering getting a dog in the very near future. My neighbor has an Irish Terrier and he’s so cute. I hope I can afford to get one.

  3. says

    Your two girls are so sweet, John – I love the way that shot was taken! They’re precious! It’s hard to get Lucky to cooperate to take a pic, so I can’t imagine two of them cooperating like that!

    My mom had sent me the Skidboot video last year – loved it, absolutely loved it. Upon further research yesterday, I discovered that Skidboot passed last March. :( So sad. But – the lovely gentleman is working with other dogs, too! I bet he and Monty Roberts would have a heck of a lot to talk about!

    I loved the skateboarding dog – that was very cool, because, so often you see pets on bikes, skateboards, etc – like the lizard flopped on the little miniature bike. And you don’t really know if the animal/creature wants to be on that thing. OMG, did that dog want to be on that thing, though! Wow! I loved it!! :D

  4. says

    Ha! Welcome to the Interweb Twilight Zone ::cue freaky music:: I just had some visitors yesterday to my Rookie post! I had forgotten all about that post, and that sweet, wonderful dog! Now I’m getting a double reminder! Very cool – and definitely freaky!

    Maggie just rocks my world – wow!!! I turned around and asked Lucky what 3×3 was and I didn’t get a peep out of him! LOL!

    Ok – gotta go watch the rest… just had to say that!

    • julia says

      In reply to Rhoodys comment…your sick, stupid & dumb…your comment wasn’t funny. Your just another silly little human, unfortunately this planet is littered with small brained people like you.
      I wish someone would remove your disgraceful comment from this site.

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