Japanese Pranks Made Me Laugh So Hard I Cried

Japanese PranksFirst of all, I don’t speak Japanese. So, I’ve got no idea whatsoever what is being said in this TV show. But what I do know is that the Japanese have absolutely no shame when it comes to pulling pranks and humiliating one another.

I don’t want to let the cat completely out of the bag here, but the title of this post is actually true. Towards the end of this first video I was laughing my ass off…

Now, if that wasn’t bad enough for you, just watch what happens to this unsuspecting guy who thinks he’s just getting in a taxi to take a ride.

And if your bladder is still intact, here’s one more for good measure.

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John P.

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  1. bob says:

    this does not work anymore and i wanna see if it makes me wet my pants. :(

  2. allen_l says:

    None of them are available anymore… T.T

  3. jackbegone43 says:

    that was just too funny. I wished usa people could do stuff like that without being sued…

  4. I laughed so much I stumbled the page for you on StumbleUpon. Thanks for the video!

  5. Brandon says:

    hmm, I’ve seen the ones listed in the first 2 videos, some funny stuff!

  6. Tom Barr says:

    I don’t LOL but the last one came close with the lightweight boulder and snowball, and bowling ball.

  7. Those are hysterical! I liked the last one the best – I loved the lion roaring- too funny!

  8. Rhoody says:

    I just had a great laugh on another page, and now this… god I am not sure if the muscels in my cheeks can handle that.

    thanks for sharing


  9. Terry says:

    I think I woke up the family laughing so loud. Perhaps one of your readers has seen a similar clip where a Korean hotel fired cannons 10 feet from the bed of some of their sleeping guests for their wake up call. If anyone has a clip please post a link.

  10. RHB says:

    unbelievably funny, I can waste a lot of time looking for this stuff, and do, but I come here and get good humour and good info.

  11. Darin says:

    that’s really funny, I laugh to loud here in my office…
    my boss not in the office now, so it is ok to laugh out loud ha.. ha..
    thanks for the clip, I will searching another from youtube, it must be fun!!!

  12. Derek Wong says:

    Search for “silent library” on youtube and you’ll get some more laughter. Haha those Japanese people make some hilarious entertainment!

  13. Steve Elliott says:

    “LOL” is a much overused shortcut but for once it really is appropriate. Where will it all end though, madder and madder!

  14. TheDane says:

    Oh man I almost wet my chair here…

    The best one was the bike and the boulder…

    I hope these vids wont get deleted just because they are famous on the OMB now :)


  15. Saim Baig says:

    These are fun to watch but imagine if the same stuff happens with us.What will we feel.Must take that into account.Yes you are right Japanese don’t think of that.

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