These Guys Can Seriously Play Ping Poing

Ping Pong
John P.

Ping PongAhh, Ping Pong. The sport that people like to make fun of and take for granted until they are on the end of a serious ass-whooping.

My buddy Greg was the champ back in my old days at SAVVIS (though I’m sure Dave would take exception to that statement), and he used to routinely put the beat down on me. Now, it didn’t really bother me so bad that he was beating me – except for when he did it with his left hand! Or, when he played me on his knees the entire game. Oh yeah, and then there was the time he crushed me while holding the table with one hand the entire game! Dammit!

Anyway, I’m just happy to know that as bad as Greg made me look, there are a lot of people out there that could do the same to him. And here is a whole collection of Ping Pong pros who would absolutely crush you – no matter who you are!

This first one was absolutely awesome! These guys seemed to just improvise a coordinated display of accuracy that brought the house down. The funny thing is that the refs seems to be blowing their whistles repeatedly in the background as if they are trying to get them to stop. Yeah, whatever.

I’ve got one word for you with this next one – “cartwheel”. Oh, and is that Jackie Chan at the end?

Here is a Top 10 compilation of incredible plays.

Here is another compilation of top Ping Pong shots from 2006.

Finally, here is a summary of a great match between Chila & Hakansson. It demonstrates how the lead flip-flops when two great ones go at it.


  1. says

    many would disagree, grip is a mater of choice, pen grip is favored in Asia, Spin is the game if you play the game. Being left handed gives me a mean serve which many players light years better than I can’t return. I play the edges.

  2. Greg says

    Thanks for the kind words, but Thelen was probably the King more often than Dave or I…though he defected to the dark side (field sales) and therefore deserves a disqualification.

    Also, don’t forget these 2 classic wins: 1) the time I beat you left handed on my knees and 2) the even more famous time I won after spinning around 500 times, being blindfolded, performing a 5 minute keg stand, both hands tied behind my back and one foot touching the Washington Monument at all times…man you really suck : )

  3. says

    well, I play ping pong in when I was student, and also now in the office.. I love the game and I enjoy to play it over and over again till I can see the ball , but still, I can’t play ping pong as good as others.. because I can’t see the ball if the ball was to fast..! oh God..!

  4. says

    Oh man, I love seeing people excel at sports and do things that I would not have dreamed possible. It’s even better when it happens in a sport that I, and others, usually don’t think too much of. It’s a little lesson in humility.

    Those first couple of videos were pretty awesome! I didn’t get into the top 10’s too much, though.

    What’s next, dodgeball highlights perhaps?

  5. says

    I remember when I first watched Forrest Gump I thought it was a joke when he played ping pong. But as I grew I found out that it really does get that crazy and competitive. I don’t think I have the quick reflexes to be great at it though, so I stick to drunk ping ponging :)

  6. Tom Barr says

    I see that kinda ping pong about every 4 years or so. I was in Hong Kong once and flipped through the channels on the TV and found a match between Malaysia and Indonesia, it was unbelievable how they were into the sport. I am not so sure that the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB should worry about the competition from this league. MLS will need to come up with more family packs to compete though. :D

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