Time Stands Still Around the World

Improv EverywhereThanks to Peggy for sending me this video of a stunt pulled off by Improv Everywhere, whose slogan is “we cause scenes”. The setup is that 207 people all walking through Grand Central Station in New York all freeze in place at the exact same second, and hold still for a full 5 minutes.

Most interestingly, it’s inspired people in 28 other cities in 13 countries to stage their own freeze mission. Thousands people worldwide in places like Romania, Poland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand have come together to make time stop for five short minutes. Below is a roundup of all of the videos of the various global freeze events.

The Original in New York’s Grand Central Station

And then all the follow up events…

Berlin, Germany

Bielefeld, Germany

Blacksburg, Virginia (Virgina Tech)

Bloomington, Minnesota

Boston, Massachusetts

Chicago, Illinois

Constanta, Romania

Dublin, Ireland

Durham City, UK (Durham University)

Edinburgh, UK

Leszczynski, Poland

London, UK

Los Angeles, California

Miami, Ohio

Montreal, Canada

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Paris, France (promo video for upcoming freeze event)

Portland, Oregon

Rome, Italy

San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Seattle, Washington

Stockholm, Sweden

Toronto, Canada

Utrecht, Netherlands

Vancouver, Canada

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John P.

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  1. Saim Baig says:

    Sounds very interesting.Its fascinating to watch.How strange it will be if you move into a market & suddenly everyone stops.Amazing.!!

  2. Fahad says:

    lol. I only saw the first video for now but it was amazing. Seeing the reactions from the people was very funny indeed. I would have probably acted like those people as well if I saw a bunch of people “frozen”. Very interesting indeed. I will see the rest of the videos later as well.

  3. Brandon says:

    wow, pretty cool

  4. RHB says:

    No talent needed? Are you kidding me?!

  5. Rhoody says:

    I am sure the LA police has some has some good tapes of it…hehe

    I can see this freezing – thingy many times here in the PI.

    if you go to a shop or restaurant and want something what is not right there persent and visible for the salesperson or waitress, you will here a friendly “for a while Sir” and then the situation freezes. You will recognise no movement, noise or anything. A few minutes later the world starts moving again and you get the person back who will tell you “sorry Sir, out of stock, maybe next week…”

    cheers and a great weekend to all


  6. RHB says:

    performance art for the masses, no talent needed, but very funny in any event. mime to the power of 5!

  7. Kirk says:

    This happens every day on the freeways here in LA, but nobody ever bothers to film it…

  8. lance says:

    It’s a type of flash mob. it’s amazing how many people participate in them! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_mob

  9. Mistergin says:

    These sorts of things are fun. Back in 02 or so, a coworker was into a big movement where people “fooned” in front of places of interest.

    Here’s the definition from Urban Dictionary (definition #8):

    There was also another time when dozens or hundreds of folks croweded an A&F in New York without shirts to duplicate the models on the walls. It was interesting to say the least :)

  10. Ringo says:

    These are truly amazing videos, i’ve never seen anything quite like it before the reactions of people as they wonder what happens is funny.

    I haven’t watched them all yet but my fav has got to be the NY one.

  11. Steve Elliott says:

    How were these thing marketed/publiscised? I am in the UK but have not seen any news reports – they are certainly the sort of things that would at least catch a closing piece on the main news channels.

  12. Derek Wong says:

    Those are some pretty good videos. There are so many of them!

    I’m not sure how they did it. Between the need to blink and urges to scratch and sneeze, I’ve got to give these people credit!

    I liked the first one, and I expect that all of the others were similar. I did enjoy looking for ones that took place in familiar locations. San Diego!

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