Gigabit Panoramas of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge
John P.

Golden Gate BridgeLast week I was in San Francisco for just one day for a meeting, but I did have time to drive over to Fort Point and take a panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge with my GigaPan.

Now, I’m not really pleased with this Gigapan because I used the wrong camera to take the photo. I was using a Panasonic TZ3, which is a fine little point and shoot digicam, but it lacks some basic manual controls such as manual focus, and a few others, which caused this panorama to not work so well. In addition, I had some of the adjustments off a bit.

Still, having said all that, the image is decently cool. And if you’ve never had the opportunity to see the Golden Gate Bridge in person this is a good way to check it out.

To use the panorama, click inside the photo below, then you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, and click and drag within the photo to move it around. If your mouse doesn’t have a scroll wheel, just use the zoom bar in the top left corner of the picture to zoom in and out.

Here is another view of the bridge from a spot near where I took mine; however, this one was taken with the proper camera and on a perfectly clear day.

Here is another view of the bridge, from a slightly elevated vantage point – actually taken from up above Fort Point.


  1. says

    Ok, gigapan is just too much fun! Hahaha – that last image is full of chopped up cars – a ‘partial’ trolley car, and even incomplete humans! LOL!

    I love your image, though – the clouds really added to the ‘feel’ of the picture!

  2. says

    I still think that site is very cool what with making super high resolution shots out of many smaller resolution ones. It’s definitely going the way that other websites are with the visually oriented nature (e.g. Google/MSN maps).

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