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Cali Loves WoopraFolks. I have a confession to make. I’ve been secretly cheating on all of you for some time now. Oh, and to make matters worse, I’m proud of it.

Yes, you already know that a few months ago I joined Layered Technologies as the Chief Marketing Officer… but I’ve got another on the side. And she’s called Woopra. I’ve been secretly working with Elie Khoury and Jad Younan on this project, and we just unveiled it yesterday at WordCamp, making Beta accounts available for the first time for all participants.

What can I tell you about Woopra? She’s hot, smooth, smart, and sexy. But don’t take my word for it… Here is what Cali from GeekBrief had to say after just a few minutes with Woopra.

So… Do you want a taste of Woopra? It’s in VERY limited beta right now, but I will send invitations to track one Web site over to my regular readers… so if you want to give it a try, drop a comment below. You need to be a registered user on my blog, or an e-mail subscriber so that I can know that you’ve actually been a reader for a while in order to qualify. (Regular known commenters qualify too.)

If you haven’t been a long time reader, but you go ahead and subscribe via e-mail with a promise to stick around, I’ll consider handing out additional invites. :-) For anyone else, you can register on Woopra and add a Web site to track and we’ll get around to approving it as we have the capacity. (It takes a lot of infrastructure to support all this…)

Oh, and one other thing, you have to promise to do a writeup about Woopra and tell Elie, Jad and I what you think.


  1. says

    Hey, I just subscribed, and I too would like a Woopra invite code. Actually, glad I followed to your blog, looks like the kinda stuff I like any way. I am so new to this whole blogging thing… it is not an easy thing to me. Thanks!

  2. norayr says

    I have registered yesterday. I have websites and I’d like to track them. One of my websites is B&B’s website. And It’ll be good if I know from what countries my visitors. And the same time I’ll make notes about Woopra. I want Woopra invitation code.

  3. says

    Interested in Woopra, especially on behalf of the Drupal development community.

    For now, I’d like to try it out on one of my customer’s sites, so one invitation would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m active in the Drupal community, docs maintainer on drupal.org.


  4. says

    Dear John, we are a small shiplover community from germany and our site is all about real time. we’ve developed a flash-client to visualize live position of ships all over the world. our users are worldwide (around 50 permanent clients), so I think woopra would be a perfect addition for our monitoring :) We are good testers too and engaged in the development of Typo3, where the roomers are rising in the moment about the new tracking star on the horizon.
    I just registered on your blog. Thanks anyway for the fresh ideas, the movie makes me really keen. lars

  5. says

    I’ve been searching all over for an invite – I hope that you could spare one? My page views are within the threshold that you are looking for, plus a review will be published on my blog and Twitted. Are there any available? I’ve registered there on June 27 but haven’t heard anything as of yet. Thanks so much!

  6. Brian says

    John, this looks like a world class product you are building! Just signed up and am in pending. Looking forward to experiencing & reviewing Woopra as well as continuing to follow your posts. Awesome job!!! Take care.

  7. says

    I will read every single thing on this page if you give me an invite. I really want Woopra. I will do anything. I can digg all your stories, just let me know what it takes. I will do it.

  8. says

    It’s a very amazing tool!
    I’m currently writing abig story about woopra for the german speaking Joomla! Usercommunity. But I can’t test it yet.
    How can I get a invitation Code?

  9. Rodney Blackwell says

    Hi John, I signed up for woopra with the same email address that I used for this comment and in my other firefox tab I have the woopra “add a website” screen open, but I stopped because it said “only users with an invitation code will be automatically approved.”

    So I haven’t submitted my website yet because I thought I needed an invitation code.

    I just tried adding a site but the woopra site seems to be under heavy load? Non of the links will come up and when I click the “Add Website” button, the page just continues to try to load.

  10. says


    Can you go ahead and create a login on Woopra and then do the Add a Site function? Then I’ll be able to approve you on the back end afterwards.



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