Change Your BlackBerry Signal Meter

John P.

Blackberry ScreenIf you’ve got a Blackberry and you’d like a little more specific information about your cellular signal strength than just the 4 little bars, you can actually change them to read the specific DB signal strength you are receiving.

  • On the Home screen, hold ALT and press N, M, L, L.
  • Repeat the above process to switch back to the “traditional” signal meter.

I included a photo of my modified screen to show you what it looks like. Just look over in the top right corner of the screen and you’ll see the -83. That currently equates to 3 bars at my house.

By the way, the screen I’m using can be found on my Free Themes and Apps for Blackberry post.


  1. Yair Laredo says

    wait I do have two BB stroms the first one worked with the code but the second one didnt! does the OS has to be the same or something cuz the first one have the (230) OS and the second one have the (808) thanX agaiin!

  2. Yair Laredo says

    wait I dont get how to change it on my BBstorm. could you please help me? should I type that on the main screen or where at? thanx for your help!

  3. ben says

    thats neat ! my signal is always rubbish so instead of watching it jump bars up and down all the time now i can look at the numbers lol


  4. bozo says

    To enable the numerical (in dBm) signal level display on the storm: open the keyboard; hold ‘!?123’ to enable the number lock; type an exclamation point, a comma, and two sets of double quotation marks. You can revert to the graphical display by retyping the above or rebooting the device.

  5. Bill says

    This is also helpfull in figuring out the best place to stand and get the best reception when you are in certain areas. I work way out in the suburbs and walking 20 feet in one direction or another actually makes a difference. Thanks!

  6. says

    Hey gang, sorry. I guess somehow I got some strange quotes in there which were screwing things up. I think I’ve fixed it now, but of course several of you already notated the process here in the comments anyway. :-)


  7. Fletch says

    The HTML on the Johns post looks messed up, so let me try post an edit..

    While holding down ALT press N M L L

    Johnny – Yes signal bars are easier for basic use… but the exact db reading in numeric is far more exact. you can also then use it to compare reception versus other phones.

  8. says

    216 unread messages…. I thought the Filipinos had the world record in texting, but it seems you are doing your part to increase the US average…


  9. says

    On the Home screen, hold “Alt” and press “N”, “M”, “L”, “L”…

    That’s what the post reads for me.

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