Marc Cohn – My Favorite Singer of All Time

Marc Cohn
John P.

Marc CohnYears and years have passed. And I have a very wide musical taste. But after all this time my favorite artist is still Marc Cohn.

If I were ever to do anything worthy of having a superstar sing for me, I’d choose Marc.

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to listen to Marc, I’ve assembled a few videos for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy.

Live Out the String

August 7, 2005. That’s when Marc Cohn was shot in the head during a random attempted carjacking after a concert in Denver.

Even though the bullet was lodged near his left temple, Marc never lost consciousness and walked out of the hospital the next day. Not only were his fans shocked, but we feared the aftermath and whether or not Marc would be able to continue performing if he did recover.

Not only did Marc recover, but he suddenly pumped out a new batch of songs and released a new album shortly thereafter. He’s now back on tour. My only complaint is that he hasn’t come to Texas yet!

Silver Thunderbird

This was my favorite song for a long, long time. In fact, it even inspired me to actually buy a silver Thunderbird. I loved that car. I still love this song.

Ghost Train

Walking in Memphis

Possibly Marc’s most famous song, this one has been covered by Cher, Lonestar, the Harvard-Radcliffe Veritones, and many others.

This is about a “spiritual awakening” by Cohn while visiting Memphis in early 1991. Cohn was both spiritually and musically inspired by Memphis, particularly by Elvis and Graceland, W C Handy, and also having met the Reverend Al Green. He heard Rev Green preach at Full Gospel Tabernacle, and was moved by the Christian gospel message.

Afterwards he traveled to Tunica, Mississippi to the Hollywood Cafe. That is where one particular well known song line comes from, when he spoke to Muriel the pianist there. He was invited to play the upright piano on the small stage. After realizing his talent for music, she asked him, “Tell me, are you a Christian, child?”. He replied, “Ma’am, I am tonight!”


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    This is the first time that i have seen him.He is really amazing.I have just seen Walking in Memphis i must say Your choice is good John.And above all he is an awesome singer.

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    Thanks for this post! I’ve discovered the nice artist! I like songs in this style. Mark Cohn related to A-ha or not? If you know any artist who sing in this style, please let me know. I shall try to find audio cd of Mark Cohn in the offline audio shops.

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