Harry Potter on Rollerblades

I’ve just got one question. After this kid gets going as fast as this weed-eater motor can power him… how does he stop?

Funny Kid on Rollerblades

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  1. red jungert says:

    Can you tell me how to convert my weedeater and transfer power to the wheels?

  2. Matty B says:

    harry potter sans magic?

  3. jim says:

    That’s friggin awesome! I want to get one of those!! Who cares about stopping! Seriously that looks like fun!

    –Future Darwin Award Candidate
    (Yes, I would totally do that!)

  4. Saim Baig says:

    I am with u steve.
    Stops painfully.

  5. AbiLogic says:

    Nice transport :)
    Have it a back transmission or not?

  6. 3gp says:

    ask the kid mom:P

  7. Rhoody says:

    that’s what he needs to use when getting too old to ride on a broom… It’s probably just the runway for take-off


  8. Ilia Boyko says:

    I guess if he can put breaks on that wheel behind him, he might even eventually stop after dragging it along the concrete for a mile or two.

  9. Glen says:

    It seems like a good laugh for a couple of minutes but not very practical lol.

  10. RHB says:

    Well after the safe table saw for dad this seems to go quite the opposite direction for Jr…. hmmm. ;)

  11. Johnny says:

    A motorcycle would have been a better idea, since he can’t say I m riding rollerblades:)

  12. My answer would be…..painfully !

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