If You See Me Running, Try To Keep Up

I’ve really got to get me one of these T-shirts!

I'm a Bomb Technician, If You See Me Running, Try To Keep Up

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John P.

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  1. rufus mchamshire says:

    i like such t-shirts!!
    they are just great… i just want to have one more in my colection

  2. Seen that one many times but still makes me laugh.

    I got this one for Christmas a couple of years ago: http://www.8ball.co.uk/tshirt/3/48399/T-Shirts/Slogan-&-Funny-T-Shirts/Fathers-day-gift-tshirt—Bald-tired-and-broke/

  3. Rhoody says:

    One in my stock (used to waer it when cruising on my bike): If you can read this, the b@#! felt off…


  4. TheDane says:

    I saw a program on Discovery about using explosives to take down buildings, and one of their guys were wearing this T-Shirt as well :)


  5. Glen says:

    Hehehe…I’ve seen that before but it’s still funny.

    I like the one that says ‘Tell your boobs to stop staring at my eyes!’ lol

  6. Ilia Boyko says:

    I had the same Tshirt a few years ago but it looked like a uniform and instead of bomb technician it said:”Bomb disposal unit” with a little logo/badge.

  7. Saim Baig says:

    Thats funny.
    I will keep up sir!!!

  8. Johnny says:

    Interesting T-shirt. Sure all will looking at the one wearing it following his moves :)

  9. RHB says:

    Dry humour, with with understatement, my favorite kind. Reminds me of a video circulating, ship captain says move! this is U.S. Navy, to another ship. back and forth a few times then at last minute a threat issued to smaller ship, we will run you over unless you take evasive action. Reply, go ahead suit yourself………………………….. this is a light house.

  10. Balend N says:

    Ya these shirts are great, especially ones that tell people to do something in a certain situation (like the one above).

  11. AbiLogic says:

    I like the funny texts on T-shirts! I have a little photo collection with such texts on the T-shirts. Thanks for interesting photo!

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