John P is Number 2 on Google!

John P.

john-p-number-2-on-googleFolks, this amuses me. By the way, make note of the date. It is NOT April Fools day…

Yesterday when I was on Cali’s show I randomly mentioned that I wished I was like Matt Mullenweg because if you search for Matt he comes up as the first result in Google. The last time I checked “John P” I was like the 90th listing. However, someone watching the broadcast dropped me a note to let me know that I’m actually now the second listing!

It looks like the number one position is occupied by a gospel singer by the name of John P. Kee. So, if anyone out there wants to help me take over as the king of “John P”, just link to my blog using my name (“John P.”) specifically and it might even drive me to the pole position!

Either way though, number two isn’t bad out of 46,800,000 results! :-)

Oh, and incidentally, it looks like if you just search for “John” now, I’m about 12th from the top out of 141,000,000!

That is just crazy! It looks like I’m right after Senator John Edwards and singer John Mayer (whom I’m a big fan of), and before Senator John Kerry, popular columnist John Dvorak, and singer Sir Elton John. Amazingly I’m even ahead of John Travolta, and Johns Hopkins University (which won’t make my sister in law very happy).

Anyway, thanks to all of my loyal readers and the thousands of Web sites that have linked to me!

UPDATE: I’m now #1 for a search for John P.! Yeah! :-)


  1. says

    I bet when you thought ‘I think I’ll start a blog’ that you never in your wildest dreams thought your name would even be on the 1st page of google never mind the top 2 lol.

    Congratulations to you! You deserve it!

  2. says

    Very cool! That’s super impressive – I’ll have to do some ‘John P.’ linking!

    Go ahead, Google: Lisa Marie Mary – I dare ya! ;) Hahaha!

    I’m lucky that, number one, user names were increasingly more difficult to concoct, until I came up with my first, middle, and confirmation names as the ‘be all-end all-no one else has it’ username (woohoo!) and that, number two, Lisa Roberson is a folk singer who happens to want ‘our name’ for her URL (the nerve!), leaving me to stick with lisamariemary – now I’m incredibly Google-able! Heehee!

    Now I need to go ponder all my ‘John P.’ link strategizing…hmm, maybe you need your own Squidoo lens, yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket! :)

  3. says


    I think it was Matt, but I can’t remember now… but anyway someone who had the number one rank for their name had a business card that simply said: “Google: Matt”.

    It was the coolest thing ever. ;-) Just imagine that people would ask you, “How can I get in touch with you?” And you reply, “Just Google Collin. You’ll see me.”



  4. adi azar says

    Thats what is Google TrustRank all about. If they trust a domain, you will just show up for many queries. And here, relevant is not about Title tags, meta tags and other page elements. It is about back links, with what anchor text and with what title tag for these pages that link to you.

    If you want to rank for keyword “John” within top 3 results. You can go to your other websites and link to your website with keyword “John” (I know, you know that) AND MAKE SURE THAT the keyword John in the title tag of these pages. I think 5-30 links like what I said will put you #1.

    I did rank sites for keywords, without even mentioning these keywords on that website at all.


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