The M134 Dillon Gatling Gun is One Scary Weapon

John P.

m134-dillon-gatling-gunThe Dillon M134D Gatling Gun is the finest small caliber, defense suppression weapon available. It is a six barreled, electrically driven machine gun in service with the US and Allied Armed Forces.

Here is Richard “Mack” Machowicz from The Discovery Channel’s show Future Weapons giving the run down on the fastest gun on the planet. 3,000 rounds per minute is an awesome weapon!

Now, have you ever wondered what all those extra SUV in a Presidential or VIP motorcade are? You know the ones with blacked windows that no one gets in or out of. Wonder no more… They have a 6 barrel 7.62 mm or 308Win mini Dillon gun… which fires over 3,000 rounds per minute. The wipers need to be run to remove spent casings when the weapon is firing.The vehicle is also armor plated.

Here is my boy Jesse James putting a Dillon Gun to work on a car in the desert!

Oh, in case you thought I was kidding about the SUVs actually being equipped like this, here’s the proof:

And now here is how the pros do it from a moving chopper!


  1. nBytes says

    To further enhance the impressions from the videos – especially the sports car one: Usually, only every fifth or even tenth round is a tracer. Still, you nearly get the laser beam effect.

  2. Tim Spires says

    Perhaps Mr. Dillon should point out the discrepancy between the premier Gatling Gun circa 1861, which was not an aerial weapon, and the current models.

  3. Kago Jyakobu says

    They don’t need to fire it very long. If some person approaches the presidential motorcade with a gun they will fire every Gatling gun at him until he resembles sliced cheese. And if attacked by massed formations or aircraft makes an excellent volley of lead. My only problem being, what in the hell is the government thinking having a weapon like that equiped on a vehicle that will probably be traveling through densely urban areas, the fact is if fired it will probably inflict a lot of civilian casualties. Why don’t they an electic fired metal storm type, that way they won’t have to compensate for recoil and the bullets won’t move to far off target I can imagine the moment these weapons are used in the context of defense of the president there is going to be a long series of questions about the 30-40 other people hit by the impressive firepower.

  4. Joseph R. says

    As a person with military experience (USMC), and experience handling some impressive firepower, I think that I can safely say that the M134 is a BAMF.

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