The Most Complex Bowl of Ramen Noodles Ever

John P.

Ramen Noodle Rube Goldberg MachineI know that like 10 billion people eat Ramen noodles every day, but I guarantee no one takes the route of preparing them that these folks took on this Japanese game show.

It was apparently a Rube Goldberg competition and they used everything from bowling balls to marbles and included both flames and water. This machine goes on for about 5 minutes and manages to do nothing more than pour some hot water over a package of noodles.



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    Well I thought I saw it all with the Ramen hot tub a while back, but this just reinforces that Rube Golberg was in fact Chinese.

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    6 minutes for a cup of “Maggi” instant noodles… thats about the time I need, and cleaning up the kitchen may take the same time as at that “construction” siete


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    you would have experienced more fun than what we see in the video.
    Anyway, great find. People can do anything to become popular :mrgreen:

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