Live from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

John P.

microsoft-world-wide-partner-conferenceNews flash! I’m in Houston at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference where I stick out like a sore thumb sitting here in the wireless lounge using my MacBook Pro. I’ve already been hounded by three people, and I think they are calling security!

Anyway, in this morning’s keynote address the Microsoft folks took a swing at Apple and announced that they are going to start an agressive campaign to promote Vista as the operating system of choice. And from what I’ve seen around the conference there is a serious emphasis on pimping the OS (hey, it’s a Microsoft convention! I’d expect no less!).

If there are any loyal readers out there attending the event feel free to hunt me down and chat. You’ll find me at the Microsoft Virtualization Solutions session from 4:30-5:30pm where I’ll be addressing the group in regards to Layered Tech’s recent announcement of being the first partner to roll out Hyper V.

For everyone else, if I discover anything totally new or exciting I’ll report back later with another post!

PS – VMware, Microsoft’s #1 competitor on Virtualization technology, announced that they missed their numbers, their CEO is “stepping down”, and their stock is down 25% this morning. That should make for a lively discussion this afternoon!


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    Vista sucks! Microsoft is losing ground rapidly as people are looking for alternatives to their resource and hardware hungry offerings. Ubuntu and other alternatives is on the edge of a major breakthrough imo, as for the mac crowd, Leopard and its evolutions will always prove to be superior.

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    I dont get that Microsoft is so excited with Vista, I installed it and then removed it as it is a downgrade. Cool that you with you Mac Book Pro, Im sure many of the other visitors were wishing they had one.

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