Chuck Lewis – The SEO Rapper at WordCamp SanFrancisco

Chuck Lewis - The SEO Rapper
John P.

Chuck Lewis - The SEO RapperAs I mentioned previously, I attended WordCamp San Francisco 2008 a week ago, and it’s taken me a few days to transfer the videos from tape into the computer. At this point I’m beginning to do the editing, so I’ll start putting out a string of videos (in no particular order). To get us started we’ve got Chuck Lewis, the SEO Rapper aka Poetic Prophet.

You’ll remember Chuck from my previous post about The Poetic Prophet. He’s very cool, he knows his shizzle about SEO, and he can rap. What more do you want? Ok. How about an a Capella world premier of the WordPress rap, and an interview with Matt Mullenweg!

Chuck and John P.Now, the only question is… when is the Poetic Prophet going to team up with Big Daddy P to bust some funky rhymes? Word.

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