WordCamp 2008 San Fran: Kathy Sierra – Kicking Ass and Creating Passionate Users

Kathy Sierra at WordCamp
John P.

Kathy Sierra at WordCampThe last speaker at WordCamp San Francisco 2008 was Kathy Sierra, and her presentation was definitely worth the wait. She spoke about “Kicking Ass and Creating Passionate Users”, and I must say that her presentation was itself “kick ass”.

If you don’t know Kathy, she is the co-creator of the Head First series of books on computer programming, which began with Head First Java.

You may also choose to follow Kathy on Twitter, and I highly recommend a stop by her blog about Creating Passionate Users (though she hasn’t posted there in a while).

Don’t forget that there are about 30 WordCamp videos here now from the last three WordCamp’s I attended, so there is an amazing amount of information if you are just learning WordPress. Specifically there are videos from 2007, and from 2008.

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