Pole Dancing: China’s Newest Fitness Activity

pole-dancing-new-chinese-fitnessA growing number of Chinese women are experimenting with the country’s newest, and most controversial, fitness activity.

Clad in knee-high leather boots, spandex shorts and a sports bra, Xiao Yan struck a pose two feet off the ground, her head glistening with sweat and her arms straining as she suspended herself from a vertical pole.

“Keeping your grip is the hardest part,” she said. “It’s really easy to slide downward.”

Ms. Xiao, 26, who works as a supermarket manager, is one of a growing number of women experimenting with China’s newest, and most controversial, fitness activity: pole dancing.

“I used to take a normal aerobics class, but it was boring and monotonous,” Ms. Xiao said. “So I tried out pole dancing. It’s a really social activity. I’ve met a lot of girls here who I’m now close friends with. And I like that it makes me feel sexy.”

A nightclub activity mostly considered the domain of strippers in the United States, pole dancing — but with clothes kept on — is nudging its way into the mainstream Chinese exercise market, with increasing numbers of gyms and dance schools offering classes.

Source: NYTimes

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  1. Tina Marshall says:

    This IS very interesting! I never would have considered pole dancing an art form or physical exercise until recently. Actually, I just read this post about how pole dancing is being considered for the Olympics…check it out: http://www.petermanseye.com/interesting-times/sports/338-poles-apart

  2. sarahzar@msn.com says:

    You would get the wife ten lessons for her birthday? Just for your sake I’ll let you in on a secret… all woman are capable of doing these exercises naturally. Sex is in our means, dear. When you don’t see your wife doing them for YOU, the problem might be with your abilities and not hers.

  3. Glen says:

    I think it should be put into a game show lol. But they shouls also be teaching it down my local sports centre…I’d get the wife 10 lessons for her birthday lol.

  4. Goran Giertz says:

    Wow, this is very interesting. It’s quite a very sexy and fun way of keeping fit for woman, plus it doesn’t just increase their fitness but also enhances their sexual expressions. I think this needs to go global!

    I love it!

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