BBQ and Bone Daddy’s – A Tasty Treat!

Jad, Samantha and Elie
John P.

Bone Daddy'sWe had a nice dinner tonight at Bone Daddy’s so I wanted to share the experience with you guys! Bone Daddy’s is a Bar-BQ joint that is stocked full of smoking hot (no pun intended) waitresses and bartenders. I’m not kidding, every one of those fine ladies are among the hottest in town. (Hey, I may be married, but I’m not dead!)

Welcome to Bone Daddy's!Anyway, even though it was a Friday night, we were seated within about 10 minutes, during which we got to watch the hotties prance around in their short-shorts and revealing T-shirts. I promise you, the men in the restaurant are mouth-watering for more than the food…

But I digress. So, after we waited a few minutes a very pleasant young lady, who happened to be a petite little asian hottie (or so I’m told, because I really didn’t notice of course), seated us, and then we were greeted by Samantha, our server.

Jad, Samantha and ElieSamantha, was not only seriously beautiful, but she was very nice and extremely approachable. She took our drink orders and then came back with them so fast I couldn’t believe the bar even had time to make my wife’s margarita!

After a little decision making, we ordered a copious quantity of food. I’m not kidding… it should be illegal to get that much with folks starving in other parts of the world! And when the food started arriving we could not believe how good it all was.

Mmmm.  Ribs.Seriously, you would think that no one comes to a place like this for the food. I mean, the attraction is clearly the talent. But if you think about it, it really does take more than just a few nice looking ladies to bring people back with any frequency. And even though I can hardly believe I’m saying this, it was some of the best BBQ I’ve ever eaten. Their BBQ sauce is out of this world.

All in all we had a fantastic experience. All of the ladies made us feel welcome, the food was excellent, and it was a very nice environment to bring a group and hang out for dinner or a few beers.

One final thought. Bone Daddy’s makes Hooters look like a complete dump.


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    Wow, now that looks delicious. Mmmmm…. It must have been. Well it’s a pitty that we don’t have that resturant here in South Africa, because I’d go try out the food right now.

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