The Massive Business Card Gallery – Over 250 Amazing Business Cards

John P.

puppets-business-cardI’ve long been a fan of the business card. I think it is a serious art form because you try and say so much about a person or organization with so little room to work with. It takes a creative genius to really make a fantastic impression with a business card, and after all… that’s what they’re all about!

Since I’ve been collecting these in a directory for years, i decided to upload the entire gallery right here. If I ever come across more, I’ll add them. But until then, have fun wasting your entire afternoon on these!

Now, I’ve never uploaded this many images to a single post (in fact, this may be a world record!!!), and I’m sure this article is going to put some serious load on the server because so many images have to be downloaded by each visitor. Hopefully no one Diggs this thing, cause the server is going to die for sure!

Seriously! 250+ thumbnails on every single page load… well, let’s just say I’m glad I work at a hosting company! Cause I may be needing a whole lotta bandwidth real soon… Thank you Layered Tech!


  1. Wally kernested says

    Do you have a creative bus card that wood be great for a brew pub. please send creative samples by email. Thanks Wally

  2. Tayo Ogunleye says

    intimidating collection! just wondering if you give one of these to your clients, he won’t forget he’s on a business meeting with you.

  3. says

    John the whole collection rocks, can you tell me how much did it take for you to make such a big 250 cards collection, because i see you have again added images individually making it more time consuming. Though some of these cards cost 5-10$/each like these – &

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