Things You Should Never Have to See!

Fat Woman Exercising
John P.

Fat Woman ExercisingYou know how sometimes you’re walking through the mall or down the street and you see someone who is about 100 pounds overweight wearing Britney Spear’s clothing? And you turn to the person beside you and go, “I did not need to see that!”

Yeah, well you might as well just move along and not read this article now, because I’m gonna show you one of those things. If you continue at your own peril, don’t say you haven’t been warned!

Aerobics Anyone?


  1. Rae says

    I think is that she recorded this for her own reference. So she can see her progress everyday. I just saw an obese woman who strives her best not to feel negative about her self and work her ass till she gets in shape.

  2. guest i guess says

    Well, seeing as she’s recorded this video for a fetish website, she is neither unaware of her condition or trying to abandon it. She created this video with the sole intent to turn on fat fetishists, so I think it’s safe to say, because of this, she’s in love with her fat, as it gives her both admirers and, surprisingly enough, money. I feel this may be a new problem for fat women everywhere. The ability to abandon health and sensibility for a quick buck.

    I laugh at all the ignorant people thinking she’s trying to lose weight. She’s probably twice this size by now.

  3. says

    This has answered so many questions for me. I was wandering about the logistical problems with motion and the morbidly obese. Now I know. Now I can rest easy in my everyday life, knowing how physics are defied in our everyday life.


  4. says

    what’s fascinating to me about this video is the fact that it was recorded in the first place. was that her idea? and was it her idea to put it on youtube? kudos to her for even bothering to exercise at all, but the idea of documenting it and publishing the results is so strange that i wish i knew the story behind it.

  5. says

    Recommend her a quick weight loss ebook or send her to a weight loss center, bad for public eyes because they can make their mood off, though its not their mistake some people get fat because of diseases, their job & some because of their hormones which is not always controllable.

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