Chuy’s Mexican Food Rocks!

John P.

My last stop before leaving Austin was lunch at Chuy’s. I’ve never seen so many happy employees in one place before. They were all smiling and very gracious. And you know what? Happy people make great food!

If there is ever a Chuy’s nearby, go get you some.


  1. says


    There is also a Chuy’s in North Dallas… I think it’s off Mockingbird near SMU. I’ve eaten there too and it was great. We definitely need to check out the new one in Plano!


  2. Elisa says

    In case you don’t know…. Chuy’s just opened in Plano on 75. I’ve never eaten at Chuy’s but it sounds like I need to do so!


  3. Jeremy says

    That really looks amazing, now I’m hungry… I’m also a fan of the general retro looking ambiance as well as the hubcaps on the ceiling, unique concept and well executed (can you tell I’m a car guy?)


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