This Obama Craziness Has Got to Stop!

John P.

What is up with all of the wackos when it comes to President Elect Obama?

This is not the way to treat the President of the United States you retards.


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    Several people including Obama himself. “I’m going to change the world”. He will need to be great. Fortunately, it looks like he has some good people in cabinet posts. I hope he continue with that once their go to the 2nd and third level positions in the Administration. That is where the real work takes place.

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    Oh, so people who disagree with The One are “retards”? Straight to the ad hominem attack. Don’t you know it weakens everything you say?

    You would be surprised at how many people want to see him succeed. We don’t need this recession to go any deeper, perhaps to a depression. We want him to succeed and the country to succeed. Efforts to prevent Obama or any other president to push something through like massive spending is called the opposition. That is allowed and even encouraged in a democracy. Get used to it.

    BTW, Bush’s crap isn’t owned just by him. Don’t leave out Congress. Some of Bush’s “crap” included keeping your ass safe since 9/11 and while I opposed it, spent more money for AIDS in Africa than any other president. Where is the credit for the good stuff he did?

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    C’mon John get real. Every vile thing imaginable has been put on Bush, from the Chimp, Hitler, the way he talks, “nuclear” et al. He is the cause of every problem imaginable, so much so that it came into fashion “it’s Bush’s fault” when someone wanted to place blame on someone besides themself

    . I love how the press bagged on Bush for his taking time for exercise on his mountain bike, but oh look at the Obamas. See how fit they are! (Has Barack quit smoking yet?).

    Racial epithets and slurs are to be condemned. Period. Your post however linked to cell phone records, assassination, communion, race threats and comparisons to dictators which has been covered extensively with Bush and Hitler. So by those inclusions, you are singling out only race. By the way, a movie came out with the thinly veiled premise of what might happen if President Bush was assassinated. That’s not vile? And people would love to see Cheney killed or die of a heart attack. This stuff has been around for 8 years, John. I’m surprised you’ve missed it.

    As to the harrassment of Palin’s family, that made it to mainstream media with Alan Colmes questioning giving birth to Trig. Another blogger published the cell phones of her kids and some kid hacked into Sarah Palin’s yahoo account. Imagine all this happening to Joe Biden’s family!

    I look forward to your attacking Obama for crazy or failed policies. They’re a-comin’. Every president has them.

    Regarding you being as “thick-skinned as the next guy” isn’t saying much, I’m afraid. It is my opinion that most people are way too thin-skinned these days. Back in the day, people used to “disagree”, now they are “offended”.

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    One thing that people don’t really understand is that Obama still has to clean up a lot of the 8 yr Bush crap first, which is a draw back for his main plans to kick off. And people should also take into consideration the fact that he’s only human just like everyone else and doesn’t posses any supernatural powers but just his intelligence and eloquence, so it will take him time to really flip the US current condition around and he can not do it alone. Plus since there’s so many retards against him, obviously there will be efforts made to hinder him from delivering, so this man has a lot of odds against him in his quest. But you can rest assured that he will come with great strategic solutions because he’s very smart, but then there’ll be a lot of stumbling blocks as many would like to see him fail.

    I’m all for Obama, he’s exactly what the US needs for a change, a smart president. ;-)

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    And then there’s the other end of the crazy scale several people are already touting how great he’s going to be, before his first day in office. IMO for the sake of this economy, he better be great, he’s got a lot of people expecting big things from him.

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    Well, I would argue that there is a difference between attacking someone for their policies as opposed to attacking them for the color of their skin. (I haven’t seen the attacks on Palin’s family. I don’t read the Daily Kos, so not sure about that one…)

    In all the years that Bush has been in the presidency, and despite the fact that he has the lowest approval ratings in history, I’ve never seen a dummy of him hanging from a tree. I’ve never heard anyone making fun of him being a “honkey, redneck from Texas”. People are not openly talking about assassinating him.

    This has nothing to do with sensitivity in my opinion. I’m as thick skinned as the next guy, and I’ll be the first one to attack any of Obama’s crazy or failed policies. But it won’t have anything to do with race.


  7. Mark Konen says

    Oh, the delicious irony. 8 years of Bush Derangement Syndrome and all the nasty crap directed at Sarah Palin, and worse, her family and NOW you get all sensitive? Those wackos you lament can’t come close to wackos at Daily Kos.

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    lol on the retards — you are so right.

    we have to give obama a break. he’s not a god, and he’s not going to be able to fix everything all at once. hell, he can’t even fix most of it all at once. he’s just a smart, honorable, savvy human being and we need to give him some breathing room and let him get to work. there’s so much to be done!

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    While I didn’t vote for Obama during the election, once the election was over I knew I needed to support America’s choice. Honestly, during the election there was too much “mud slinging” from both sides, and its dividing this country apart even more. While I think Obama has sold people on a lot of promises that I don’t think he’ll be able to accomplish, tearing him down and causing contention only hurts on thing: the American people. I might have voted for him, but I won’t tear him down just cause who I voted for lost.

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