Black Ball Optical Illusion

Ok. Here is a question for you. Are the balls between the black squares in the image black, or white? Or maybe they are gray? Hmmm.

Optical Illusion

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John P.

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  1. Ken says:

    One word.

  2. i think my eyes are hurt by looking at it. haha.

  3. Well, the old trick with optical illusion always works. You think that the balls are black, but in fact this is the optical illusion. Our eye “see” the black circle, since surrounding of circles fools our sight.

    Still, I took the eyedroper tool to check the color and I noticed that the circle is not perfectly white. In the very center of the circle there is the white ( FFFFFF ), but when I checked the borders of the circle, it was shifting to grey colur ( F5F5F5 and F2F2F2 ), but this is probably because JPG compression of the image.

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