Plasma Cutting the GeekBrief Logo

John P.

plasma-cutting-the-geekbrief-logoOk. This post is going to get me in big trouble with Greg Lewis. I still owe him a piece of art from like 2 years ago. Yet Cali Lewis (no relation to Greg) asks me if I could cut the GeekBrief logo out on the PlasmaCAM for her and I do it in like 48 hours. Well Greg, I only have one thing to say… when you’re as hot as Cali, I’ll finish your art in 48 hours too!

All kidding aside though, Cali and Neal have been waiting patiently for months since they first saw my machine sitting in the garage, and I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to cut the GeekBrief.TV logo out in celebration of their 500th show! So, if any of you would like to watch a little video about cutting things out of steel with a giant robot, here you go.


  1. Greg says

    I know…the nerve.

    But on the bright side, at a penalty of $5 per day, I can now go out and buy some real art from a real artist that is eager to have his work hang in my office.

    So, everything works out…and John P can continue sitting on his ever growing back-side.

  2. says

    Once again – that thing shows its complete and total AWESOMENESS! I just wish Cali had shown the sign for a bit longer – is there a pic of it – on Flickr or something? Guess I could go look myself, huh? ;)

  3. says

    Groovy – I’ll watch it when I’m done listening to Ryan Seacrest interviewing Ashton and Demi! Funny thing happened with them this morning – they’re all on Twitter! So funny and cool!!

  4. says

    Oops! That was my bad. Apparently I had copied the code that shows the LATEST GeekBrief, not the one with me cutting the sign. However, I have fixed the problem now, so you can try again! :-)

    John P.

  5. says

    Ok, color me confused. I saw video of Miss Adorable (I know they’re married, but, ‘Miss’ just sounds cuter, doesn’t it?) doing her GeekBrief thang – but, there is no plasma cutting video. I thought you had video’d yourself while making the sign….

    How large is the sign?

  6. greg says

    No wonder you had to go back to work. What kind of artist has to drive 1000 miles to unload his art? I’ve got 2 words for you…yard sale.

    Seriously, that piece was called Windows, it’s got be 5 feet tall and very cool. I bet someone on this blog would be interested if you’d budge from the $1,250 price.

  7. Greg says

    1) The piece of art that I wanted was entirely done by your hand, not some overgrown pair of scissors.

    2) You broke it at some art show and for that you suck. (I think you gave it to Kirk)

    3) Not even an email to Holly could make you get off your lazy butt…I think you sold the NSX because you can’t get your huge ass into it any longer.

    4) Cali may be hot, but I think this is trumped by “bro’s before ho’s”

    5) I was going to pay you…

    Your Friend,


    • says

      Allright already! Dammit, I’ll finish your art!

      The sad thing is… all of the stars are already cut out and welded to their posts. All I need to do at this point is cut out your square background and weld them in place. Well, then it has to be powder coated and all…. But the point is that most of the work is complete. Just needs to be finished up.

      Holly suggested that we should drive it to you guys to come and visit. I said if we do that, I’m taking that big ass sculpture we still have that you said you wanted!



  8. says

    Too cool John. You have a machine like this in your garage? Being the first to comment, I would gladly accept an offer from you to make me one, Oh Yea!

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