Photos From San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Area

San Francisco Bay Bridge
This evening between intermittent rain and drizzle I walked around and managed to take a few photos in the area around the Hyatt Regency, where I’m staying, which is on the Embarcadero down by the Bay Bridge. In fact, Pier 14 is a fantastic place to walk out on the water and take photos of the Bay Bridge.

All of these photos were taken within a few blocks of the Port of San Francisco building, which is basically at the opposite end of the street from the real touristy area (Pier 39). So, you really only find locals and business travelers hanging around in this area.

Incidentally, this is really a great place to visit if you are indeed traveling to San Francisco for sightseeing. Inside the Port of SF building there are a lot of great places to eat, including The Slanted Door (where I dined last night).

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the photos… they were all taken with my Canon 5D Mark II. Oh, I also uploaded 1600×1200 resolution version of these images in case anyone wanted to use one as a desktop wallpaper or something like that. Not that I think they are that good. But sometime people ask me to do that.

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  1. Jaspal says:

    Like someone above me, can I use your pictures for my friend’s website?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. kerri says:

    may i use this image for my web page?

  3. chris says:

    wow 13th is now my wallpaper :)

  4. Terehoff says:

    Did you take photo San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Area by yourself?

  5. fasblog says:

    The 13th pic is awesome. Its so good, I am really tempted to make it my wallpaper.

  6. Terehoff says:

    Wonderfull photos!!! Great! My dream is travel to America!!! Great country!

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