101 Photos From Seattle, Washington

John P.


I’m in Washington State for the next few days in Bellevue, the home of Microsoft, for the Microsoft Hosting Summit. This is an invitation only event for executives in the hosting industry, so it’s pretty much a whose who from around the globe.

downtown-seattle-fisheyeAs usual, I’m pretty tied up at events like this, but I used my free time today to run to downtown Seattle and try and do a little sightseeing and photography. So, to be a little more clear, that pretty much means that I went to do photography.

qwest-field-side-viewFor those of you who don’t know this about me, I really experience a place by photographing it. I find that when I’m looking for a photo, I tend to see a lot more detail in everything around me. This can drive other people around me insane sometimes because I’m perfectly happy staying in one spot a lot longer than they are. But when I’m all by myself, this doesn’t tend to be a problem.

Pike Place Public Market CenterFor example, I went over to the Pike Place Market today, which is a real live marketplace, full of fantastic sights and smells, and I spent over and hour and a half just wandering up and down about a 2 block area. I wasn’t shopping or anything. Just enjoying the scenery.

fruit-at-the-pike-place-marketAnd speaking of which, Seattle’s Pike Place Public Market Center is completely full of things to look at! There are just about every type of restaurant you could want. Greek, Vietnamese, Bakeries, Seafood, Burgers, and more. So the smells all around are actually fantastic, even though there are also a lot of raw fish places.

tossing-fish-at-pike-place-marketAs far as fresh fish is concerned, Pike Place Fish, which occupies the very first spot inside the market, is a fantastic place to hang out because the guys working there are so damn entertaining! They are always hollering, handing our samples, chatting with visitors, and most famously… throwing salmon around to one another! In fact, I was brave (or stupid) enough to stand right behind a “catcher” as the fish was coming our way, and that’s the shot we’ve got right here.

seattle-drawbridge-and-canalWhile I was in Seattle, I also wandered over to the Washington University campus, and on the way there I went over a drawbridge and an apparently man made canal! This caught my eye, so I stopped and parked at the Husky Stadium parking lot, then I took a hike back over to the bridge. It was an awesome view from up top, but I also walked down 90 stairs to the banks below so I could get a bunch of great photos for you guys!

washington-husky-stadium-fisheye-endzoneAfter wandering around the canal area, I just walked right on into the Husky Stadium as if I owned the place. It’s amazing, but if you carry a big camera around, no one will ever say a word! So there I was, standing in this huge stadium with the field all to myself, and I thought… this photo I’m taking is going to make someone a very nice desktop wallpaper!

Enjoy the rest of the photos in the gallery below! Pay particular attention to the ones with water in them! Oh, and all of these are available in 1600×1200 resolution in case anyone does indeed want to treat one as a wallpaper.


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    Amazing pictures of a great city you got there. I like how clean it is, even the old buildings. Also the fruit markets looks good. Once thing I noticed how there are [More Stuff and Less People] unlike here in our Asian countries (People everywhere).

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    That is quite a comprehensive photo essay! The first picture, with the reflection in the water reminded me of a story where if you took photos of the jungle reflecting in the water like that, and turn them through 90 degrees, you can see the faces of the spirits of the forest. Very interesting stuff!

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    These pictures are beautiful! I normally see 101 tips of something, and not 101 photos. That’s a lot of photos and thank God for the digital camera age.

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