What $20,000 in Cash Looks Like

$20,000 Cash
John P.

There is actually no reason whatsoever for this completely random post. Except that I thought I’d point out what a very small stack $20,000 worth of $100 bills looks like.

$20,000 Cash

Seems like it should be a lot bigger stack, doesn’t it?


  1. matt says

    trust me thats 20,000 i kno cuz i got to hold 10,000 of a friends and was exactly the size of one of those stacks, think about it , its only paper

  2. says

    I would say it is definitely worth more than the paper it is printed on. Now converting this stack of dollars to other currencies at existing exchange rates could prove quite interesting. Here in South Africa $20,000 in cash translates to approx ZAR160,000, which is quite a lot.

    If you go across the border to our neighbour Zimbabwe, who are suffering hyper inflation, you will get a whole truckload of Zim Dollars for your $20,000 US.

  3. says

    It does look kinda small. You could open them both up and spread them out and that’d be more aesthetically pleasing. Either way – it still looks yummy delicious! ;)

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