Why Your Cable TV Signal is Crap!

Why Your Cable TV Reception Sucks
John P.

This is a photo I snapped of a cable TV box at an apartment building in Dallas. The door was just hanging open and this is what was inside. I’m amazed that anyone can get any sort of a signal whatsoever!

Why Your Cable TV Reception Sucks


  1. says

    this pic is of most aptmts in the u.s,it has nothing to do with the cable company than it does ur apmt complex.land lords tend to go cheap,when it comes to wiring.most pre wire companies dont know shit,when it comes to proper specs.

  2. CODY says

    The reason its like that becuase there many people that cable in that building. That can not cause poor signal. Most of the lines are not connected.

  3. says

    That definitely looks like the back of my computer setup at the office. It is amazing how even the best attempts at keeping things neat just doesn’t work. One fault finding session and all the cable ties are cut off and the crow’s nest is back.

  4. says

    That does look like spaghetti, doesn’t it? There are loads of co-axial connectors just hanging open there, so most of the spaghetti is actually not connected to anything. Maybe you caught a fault finding session in progress, that will also explain why the box is open, as the technician might have been testing between boxes.

    Have you seen pictures of some of the telephone and power pylons in some lesser developed countries? I will look and see if I got anything in my collection, and will forward it to you if I find any.

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