Today We Lost Our Precious Sandy

John P.

sandy-closeupThis past weekend I had the extreme pleasure of hosting the WordCamp Dallas event. I got to see a lot of people I met last year, as well as plenty of new faces. And it was a wonderful experience! Unfortunately, this weekend was also marred by a silent struggle in our family as we were forced to watch one of our two beloved dogs suffer the agony associated with the end of a prolonged battle with kidney failure.

Sandy was a Greyhound mix who we adopted more than ten years ago. My wife and I were walking through the mall on a Saturday afternoon, and the SPCA had a small booth with a few dogs who needed a home. When I spotted Sandy laying on the floor I thought she was an absolutely beautiful dog. I walked over and knelt down to pet her, and when she saw me she stood up, stepped toward me and put her head right up to my chest as if she knew and trusted me all her life.

We weren’t planning on adding to our family that day, but she was so irresistible that I fell in love with her instantly! So we adopted her on the spot and took her home to meet her new sister Lexi.

Sandy-and-Lexi-in-yardOver the past decade, Sandy and Lexi have become inseparable. Neither wants to be without the other, not even to go outside. They have both been our constant companions, and they love us more than I believe any human ever could. Their love is unconditional, immeasurable, and absolutely unwavering. Not a day has gone by when I didn’t open the door to find them both waiting to greet me. Looking up at me with those big black eyes and their wagging tails. In essence, dogs are everything we wish humans could be.

Oh… she was mischievous. We couldn’t leave important papers, socks, or a great many other things laying around within her reach because she loved to chew them up or hide them. And she would eat absolutely anything! If you were willing to put it in your mouth, so was she. Vegetables, fruits, candy, popcorn, whatever… it was all good to her!

Sandy-naptimeBut she also had a sweet side. She was one of those rare dogs that everyone seemed to fall in love with instantly. She was soft, sleek and beautiful, and she loved to be touched. In fact, just a single finger touching her was enough to keep her happy. And as long as there were people around, there was never a shortage of love.

Sandy held a special place in my heart which will never be replaced or repaired. I am going to miss her more than I could ever express.


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    Hi John,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I can understand how feel because also I lost a pet. It was a duck, her name was Pipke. She died on 14 September last year and I still can’t cope with her loss. She became 14 years and three months old. During her life we had to consult the vet 295 times. She was my faithful mate and the best that could happen to us.
    I still wish you much stregth. I’m sure that he will not be forgotten. That he may rest in peace,

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    sorry for your loss, I have a very small minpin (which I love), but before that my family had the same do for 12 years and when she passed it was very hard for us as she grew up with me and my brothers!!!

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    Hi John, I am sorry to hear that your best friend has passed on. Losing a pet that has been with you so long is just like losing a member of your family, because that’s what your pet has become. I wish you the best in the difficult time.

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    Oh John, I am so sorry. Holly and Karen were talking about Sandy at the WordCamp, but I never approached you to give you a hug about it – you were experiencing such momentum, and I didn’t want to disrupt it.
    My condolences are with you and your family; it’s so hard to come around the corner and not see the pet that you expected to see. I would also like to commend you for all the work that you and Holly did to make Sandy’s life so long, comfortable and stable against all odds. Please let me know if you need anything.

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    That was a moving eulogy….my sincerest condolences to you, John. The total love & adoration one can get from a dog is truly special, and I wish for you to soon find another fluffy bundle of joy to warm your life.

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    I am sorry to hear of your loss. Sandy sounded like a wonderful dog, and I know she will always be a big part of your lives. I had to put my dog down last year, he was with me the entire time I grew up. He lived to be 16 years old, I will always miss him. Thank you for sharing these pictures, it is nice to have so many happy memories of your time together.

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