WordCamp Dallas 2009: Cali Lewis – Building A Vibrant Community

Cali Lewis
John P.

Cali LewisThe second of our WordCamp Dallas videos to be released features Cali Lewis discussing her “Seven Rules For Building a Vibrant Community”. And if there is anyone who knows how to do that, its her!

With millions of downloads each month, GeekBrief.TV has become one of the most trusted brands in tech news, both online and off. And Cali’s incredible and passionate community of viewers have made her one of the most followed people on Twitter and supported her run for Australia’s Best Job in the World.

This video was filmed and edited by Dave Curlee


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    In this video, Cali addresses one big problem faced by internet entrepreneurs creating websites: the “blog bog.” The “blog bog” is a dwindling interest in your blog (or online project) after the initial excitement of creating it wears off. I have experienced that with a number of blogs that now sit by the wayside. Cali addresses how to prevent the blog bog by ensuring that a new blog (or online project) aligns with your “core brand value” before you start. As Cali states, “Passion, without a mission—or a ‘core brand value’—is rarely enough to get you to the final frontier.” She presents examples to help apply this concept. This was just one of many nuggets that makes this speech encouraging and thought-provoking for internet entrepreneurs.

    Kudos to whoever organized this event and invited Cali as a speaker.

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    I had no idea that Cali Lewis was such an engaging, talented speaker. This was a great speech to compliment the technical topics covered at WordCamp. It went beyond technical issues and talked about the deeper issues in making a successful online business. And she did this while using technical examples to help the audience apply the concepts she presented. Excellent speech.

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    Fas, there was a lot of news coverage on TV about the run for the Australia job. My sister-in-law – who’s not in the tech realm at all – saw her and knew her from that.

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