A Bikini That Dissolves in Water – There is a God!

Dissolving Bikini
John P.

Dissolving Bikini ModelYou say you’ve got a smokin’ hot girlfriend who is also a bit of an exhibitionist? Well, have we got the perfect birthday gift for her! One that will leave her in her birthday suit!

From SpikeTV (more here):

A German company has invented a marvelous new bikini that disappears once a girl puts it on and takes a swim.

The sexy swimsuit disappears by dissolving in water, leaving a woman completely nude and embarrassed. The sexy black swimsuit looks like a real bikini, feels like a real bikini and fits like a real bikini. The only difference is it’s made from a material that completely melts away after a few seconds in water.

Named the “Get Naked Bikini,” the item is being marketed as the ultimate form of revenge for recently-dumped dudes. The bikini has upset women’s rights groups, with one campaigner, Rosmarie Zapfl, saying, “It is an absolute insult to women that this has been invented.”

It sounds like Ms. Zapfl needs a gift to calm her down. May we suggest a new bikini?

Dissolving Bikini

You can order said bikini from the Revenge Shop right here.


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    WoooHoooo! At the risk of sounding sexist I must give this invention a BIG thumbs up! It could be pretty embarassing to the lady that this gets pranked on though, so there has to be some swerious disclaimer associated with selling these items.

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