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ScotteVestFor those of you who weren’t aware, I am co-hosting a podcast with my friends Cali Lewis and Neal Campbell called Wealth Nation in which we tackle a wide variety of topics ranging from personal finance to business issues. We’ve started a new segment on the show which we’ll be putting out once or twice a month called “Spotlight on Success”.

Each Spotlight on Success show will feature a different successful entrepreneur, businessperson or professional, and we’ll learn all about how they came to stand out, what challenges they faced, and what they would do different if they could do it all over again. If you’ve got any suggestions for people you’d like to see us interview please let us know. But in the meantime please enjoy meeting Scott Jordan, CEO of ScotteVest…

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The podcast is also available for subscription in iTunes (please rate the show if you get a chance), and you can find it on WealthNation.FM as well.

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John P. is CEO of Livid Lobster and co-host of Geek Beat TV. You can also find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.


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