How to Invite ALL Facebook Friends to a Group, Event or Page

Invite All Facebook Friends
John P.

I set up a couple of groups on Facebook – our Wealth Nation group (PLEASE JOIN!) and the Stop the Farmville Madness!!! group – and wanted to invite all my friends, but it would have taken an eternity because for some strange reason Facebook doesn’t allow you to “select all” friends when sending an invite. I mean, they’ll let you do it… but only if you click one at a time! Uugh.

Well anyway I went on a little search and found that you could cheat the Facebook system by inserting a little javascript to make it happen! Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to your Facebook Event, Facebook Group or Facebook page and click “Invite People”.
  2. Once the page has loaded you should see all of your friends, but they are not selected.
  3. At this point, copy and paste the javascript code below into your Web browser’s address bar, then hit “Enter”.
  4. If all goes well, it selects all of your friends!
  5. IMPORTANT: NOW YOU MUST WAIT!!! If you have a lot of Facebook friends, you have to leave that window open for a long time so it sends all of the invitations! I have about 1,400 and it took like 15-20 minutes to send all of the invitations. The Invite window will close when its done. So exercise patience!!!!!!!!!!

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}

If that first method doesn’t work for you give this a try:

Right click the “friend box” and open it in a new tab:
Then paste this ==> javascript: fs.select_all()

Finally, there is now a GreaseMonkey script for Firefox to Invite All Facebook Friends if you want to try that as well..

Oh, and by the way, if you found this helpful please tweet it or share it on Facebook to help others find it too. The more people who share it, the more people it helps! It takes some time for all of the Facebook invites to be sent. They go into a queue. So if you saw them all get selected, just be patient. The messages WILL get delivered over the next 24 hours or so.


If none of that is working for you, Michael Quale developed a little Chrome plugin which I personally tested and it did the trick. You can get it on the Chrome browser store here. And here is a little video of it working.

Again, that one is only for Chrome users, but I highly recommend that everyone use Chrome anyway…


  1. says

    We used the javascript code to select all friends to facebook and it worked great. However, now they must have disabled it, because it no longer works. Oh such a bummer, that was a godsend. Have you figured anything new out about how to do it? I’ll be watching your blog from now on! Thanks! –Robin

  2. says

    The code stopped working this week. It’s really slowing down our ability to promote art shows in South Florida. Many of these shows support major causes!
    Any chance you could tweak the code?


  3. says

    It works- thanks !!! over 2000 friends selected! It did take a while though- so in case you think it is freezing up just be patient.
    I have a mac and I got that spinning wheel for a long time but then it finished and all were selected.

  4. Karl says

    Will it re-invite those friends who are already in my group? (not so good) or just send an invitation to those who didnt join the group yet? (thats what we want). By default ALL are selected..i do not dare to press the submit button. anyone can tell me if this code re-sends invitations or not? thanks a lot

  5. rareskills says

    depends on your browser…use chrome and it will have all your friends, ie uses pages, not sure about firefox

    hope this helps

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