Dallas Cowboys vs. San Francisco 49ers Game Photos From Cowboy Stadium

Cowboys Game HDRYesterday I went to the pre-season Cowboy’s game and watched them lose in the last few seconds to the 49ers. It was miserable. But at least I got some decent photos while at the game!

That’s right, Jerry Jones has decided to allow people to bring their cameras to the game! So I marched right on in with my big ass Canon 5d Mark II with the huge 70-200mm lens on it for good measure. It was fantastic! And it allowed me to get most of the shots you’ll see here below. Though a few were taken with the 50mm prime and a few with the 15mm fisheye.

Hope you enjoy them. And I’m embedding a Flickr slideshow in the site here for the first time instead of uploading all the images. This is experimental for me, so you guys let me know if you like this better, or not so much as when I put all the images here.

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John P.

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  1. Chris says:

    Great pics
    If you could do the same if you go to the monday night game against the Panthers….Yes Im a Panthers fan!!!!!!!

    Keep up the great work on the site

  2. Looks Great says:

    Great pictures! You were miserable!? Trust me–even worse here for Shannon having to put up to me. The fact the game was lost by next weeks beer delivery guys, accountants, and personal trainers was little solace. But I hope you and your Dad had fun!

  3. I wondered if that would happen, Scott! ..about people just watching the jumbotron – LOL! Heading over to see your pics….

  4. Scott Ellis says:

    John, great photos. That new stadium is amazing, just enormous. I kept forgetting to look at the field b/c the jumbotron was so good. Posted a few pics and a vid as well… Cowboy’s Stadium.

  5. fas says:

    Another awesome photoset by John. Keep up the good pictorial work. I find flickr to be a bit slow though.

  6. Flickr slideshow is a much easier way to look at the photos. And damn!! I’ll say it again – that place is HUGE!!! What is the difference in amount of seats vs. amount of seats at TX Stadium. And did they tear TX Stadium down? ( so sad!!)

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