250 Photos From the Lingerie Football League!!!

Lingerie Football League
John P.

Lingerie Football LeagueOn Friday night my friend Mark Ramsey took me out to watch the Dallas Desire take on the Los Angeles Temptation. You might be saying, “the WHO take on the WHAT”? Yeah, I know. And no this is not a joke – those are two of the teams that make up the Lingerie Football League!

UPDATE: In addition to these photos, don’t miss the new ones I posted here: Photos From the Lingerie Football League – Dallas Desire vs. San Diego Seduction. They are even better (if that’s possible)!

And believe me, the teams were named appropriately! Good lord! Let me see if I can describe to you what we experienced, even though who am I kidding… by now you are probably already staring at the photos below! (All taken on my Canon 5D Mark II with the 70-200mm 2.8L lens attached by the way…)

Anyway, Mark and I went out to the game, which started at 9pm on a very chilly Dallas evening. It was 50 degrees outside and windy. Those of us on the sidelines were wearing jackets, pants, etc. and were still cold. But out on the field, there were about 20 ladies wearing nothing but “uniforms” the size of bikinis and shoulderpads. And, it was obvious that they were cold…

Anyway, as soon as the game got underway, two things became clear:

  1. The chicks were smokin hot! And I’m pretty sure the fact that they were playing football contributed to the sex appeal, because it’s like most men’s dream come true. A girl who loves football!
  2. These ladies are tough! This was absolutely full contact football, and none of them was afraid to tackle or be taken down. They were in it to actually win the game, not just stand there and look good.

I will warn you that if you look hard enough at the photos I’ve posted, there are a few which captured an unintentional “wardrobe malfunction” that one of the girls had after scoring a touchdown. I had no idea I photographed that because it was across the field from me at the time, but such is the power of long zoom lenses combined with 21 Megapixel camera technology.

You can see all of the images and get the full resolution versions on my Lingerie Football League collection on Flickr.


  1. max murray says

    question (1)how the hell do they keep there boobies in place (2)how do they keep there knickers up (3) is there the same here in Australia?

  2. says

    I hate football, but I love women. I have to say I found that extremely hot. Do they smack each other on the backside after a good play? I would really like to see one of these games live. Anyway, great post , I really enjoyed it.

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