Corrupting the Youth

You know, people often tell me that I’m a terrible influence, and frequently warn me when I’m around the kiddos to watch my mouth. But I’ll have you know that I had nothing to do with supplying this kiddo with booze and smokes!

Corrupting the Children

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John P.

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  1. satrap says:

    the kid looks like he has been doing it for a long time. look at his red face and the way hi is holding the sig in his mouth. its so funny.

  2. A joke definitely. Look, they even went through the trouble of putting some red makeup on his cheeks to make him look flush drunk. They however forgot to redden the nose tips a bit. The nose usually is visibly red when one is drunk, not just the cheeks. A couple of poker cards on the kid’s left hand would have made it look even completely ‘corrupting’. :)

    First visit to this site and I’m beginning to like the way ‘serious’ (e.g. how the greeks helped end ww2) and ‘fun’ (e.g. lingerie football) are combined in here.

  3. Ray says:

    *Shrugs*, what’s everyones problem? The mother & father are just doing very good prep in creating the next generation of Pete Doherty!

  4. fas says:

    Common I am sure thats a joke not to be taken seriously.

  5. Ahmad Alfy says:

    This is definitely bad.
    I remember a virus video on YouTube when a mother was talking to her 2-3 years old daughter asking her what are you gonna do when the monster come? The baby girl said she’s gonna kick his ASK!
    The mother was laughing like hilarious and corrected the girl’s word to “bud” but that ain’t the thing she should’ve done! Don’t make a video on this just to get traffic; that’s BAD!!!

  6. Jeff G. says:

    How dare those parents give there kids a “Tennents Lager”…should at least be a BudWeiser….:)

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