Smirnoff Tea Partay and the Green Tea Partay Response!

Tea Partay
John P.

Tea PartayYo. Terry G. (the G stands for Gangsta) hooked a brother up with a link to this hardcore rap video called Tea Partay. As soon as I filled my ear holes with the lyrical goodness I knew I had to share it with all my Bitches.

These videos were created as advertisements for Smirnoff, and after getting over 5 million views I’d have to say they did their job quite nicely! By the way, I’ll pay $10,000 to anyone who creates a Rap video for Woopra that goes viral like this! (100% serious!) :-)

After the success of the first video, Smirnoff created the West Coast version as a follow up. It didn’t quite get the same attention as the original, but it’s just as amusing if you ask me!


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