The Stuck In Customs HDR Photo Contest

John P.

Chicago-HDRI first wrote about the photography of Trey Ratcliff in February 2007 with my article The Best Photography on the Web – Part 1. At the time, I recognized Trey’s work as unique and original, but I had no idea that he was to become an icon of the High Dynamic Range movement.

Just two months after I wrote about him, two of Trey’s images won the prestigious Smithsonian Magazine Annual Photo Contest. I mean, he didn’t place just once… he had two top 10 photos in the same contest. That goes way beyond luck folks.

A-World-In-HDRFlash forward to 2009, and Trey is about to publish his first book called A World in HDR. And in conjunction with the book release, Trey and Peachpit Press are running a contest to give away 3 copies of the new book.

You can enter by simply tweeting a link to a cool photo based on the theme for the day. Oh, and one other thing… I’ll be judging the contest. ;-)

Here are all the official rules, etc. Keep in mind that you don’t have to actually link to your own photo! You can link to any photo your heart desires. Though, linking to one of MY HDR images will get you huge brownie points, alas you will not win. :-) The same thing goes for linking to Trey’s images.

So, get those links posted on Twitter and don’t forget the hashtag #hdrbook!


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