Stuck in Customs HDR Book Contest Day 2 – Vehicle Photos

John P.

Ahhh! Day 2 of the Stuck in Customs A World in HDR book giveaway contest, made possible by PeachPit of course! Of course, today is my favorite because the theme of the day is vehicles! And I do love vehicles!

Abandoned Chevy Cartoon - sm

So, this first one we’ve got here is a photo I took this weekend in Tucumcari, New Mexico of an old abandoned truck. Hope you like it. It’s just here to set the mood. Now let’s take a look at some of my favorite submissions so far and then I’ll announce today’s winner at the very end.

Honorable Mentions

Pedro P. Porto sent in this photo of a Ford Fiesta apparently up on blocks in the garage. Visually very interesting photo!

Ford Fiesta HDR

Vicky Tsavdaridou linked to this photo by Scotty Graham of a boat in Indonesia.


Gary Boyd posted what I can only describe as a Jeep in it’s natural state! Any photo of a Jeep that isn’t taken like this just means that the owner is a wannabe! Good job Gary!


Brett Boyer also sent in a Jeep in it’s natural environment. This time on the beach.

Jeep on Beach

And while we’re on a Jeep roll, here are some of them doing duty in Iceland! (Where my buddy Hrafn is from.) Thanks to birkirb for sharing and Birkir Barkarson for the photo.

Jeeps in Iceland

Huguette Ampudia submitted this awesome photo of the Queen Mary II by Dieter Bethke.

Queen Mary II

Travis Putman, another new Flickr user (yeah and welcome!), shared this awesome black and white of a 57 Chevy. I really love the way the black and white accentuates the chrome. The color version is also nice.

57 Chevy

I’m a fan of the Subaru WRX STI, and Heather Lang posted a link to Gary Tonge’s Type 25 version of the vehicle. Simply magnificent.

Impreza Type 25

Edta, another! new Twitter user, posted this shot called Two Engines taken by Vivek Sekar.

Two Engines

Johnny O shared this very nicely done photo of a custom Dodge Charger SRT. Its a good-looking car made even better by the conversion to black and white and the slight angle of the image which invokes a feeling of motion even standing still. Nicely done Johnny! (Cool Sig too!)


Gary Reimer got creative on us! When we said cars, planes or trains, he took us at our word! :-)

Soul Train

Steve Stanger shared this photo which he called “crushed and rusted“.

crushed and rusted

Astin sent in a photo that I bet we will all universally love! The Ice Cream man!

Ice Cream Truck

Here is a fantastic shot of the inside of a Blimp cockpit thanks to Kevin Foster! I can honestly say I’ve never seen one of these before.

Blimp cockpit

Also shared by Kevin is this photo from Peter Talke of a Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk for which here is the entire story.

p51 Mustang

Eugene shared his photo entitled Bentley in Avignon. The Continental GT is obviously beautiful, but all of the details are fantastic too from the cobblestone street to the magnificent home in the background.

Bentley Continental GT

Here is an amazing shot of a Ferrari F430 taken by Marc and shared by Mike Appel. This shot involved a lot of work in Photoshop in addition to the HDR work, and it paid off nicely.

Ferrari F430

I absolutely love this photo that Jonas posted. Its got everything a guy could want. Chainsaws, sparks, trucks. We just need a hot chick! And this photo might have won if the car were really the center of the image. But I just couldn’t give it up based on that one technicality! ;-)

Sparks Fly

The Winner!

Matthias Weigel shared this very cool photo of a Fiat Cinquecento. In fact, when I first saw this photo I thought… “Wow! What a cool little car!” Then I realized it’s just a tiny little Fiat 500. And frankly, anyone who can make one of these little things impress someone who personally owns an NSX deserves to win today’s contest!

Fiat Cinquecento

So, that’s it for today. Remember that tomorrow’s theme is Architecture! I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, but I’m also looking forward to a break after that! You guys are wearing The Judge out with all the awesome submissions! :-) Keep up the good work.


  1. velatol says

    very nice pictures John! I’m a big fan of HDR photos and phanoramas. I like the most the one from the plane.

    what lents did you use?

    keep up the good work

  2. says

    That’s a Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk in the photo above, not a P51D Mustang as you say. It is even noted as a Kittyhawk in the blog you link to.

  3. says

    Awesome compilation, John! I love it when people get creative and submit photos like the one Gary did of “Soul Train.”

    That was a great selection for the winner! I do wonder if the car looks even smaller based on the lens chosen to photograph the car.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s (well, today’s) submissions!

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