Stuck in Customs HDR Book Contest Day 3 – Architecture Photos

Vicky Venice Tower
John P.

Ahhh, day 3 of our 3-day photo contest! I’ll tell you what, you guys have kept me busy! First with the landscapes, then the vehicles, and now we’ve moved on to Architecture Day!

As with before, as you scroll down you’ll find many of the photos submitted by users that I really enjoyed today. And at the end we’ve got the final winner of Trey’s new book A World in HDR. For those of you who are in the Austin, TX area don’t forget that next Wednesday, December 9th, there is going to be a book launch party at the Driskill hotel in downtown. So come on out and get your copy signed.

Now, lets get on with the list.

Honorable Mentions

Squid Vicious posted this fantastic photo called UP the down hole. It’s a visual treat, and something you certainly don’t see every day.

UP the down hole

Yesterday’s winner, Matthias Weigel, came back strong with a series of submissions today including this one of an Audi museum (I believe). Matthias got mad skillz…

museum mobile

This photo of Venice is from Vicky Tsavdaridou:
Vicky Venice Tower

Ken Snyder posted this photo of Chicago’s Navy Pier. I love the city, and the photo brings back fond memories. Hint though Ken – I think putting a watermark in the photo kind of lessens the appeal of your image. Keep in mind that you’re still protected by copyright, so I think the watermark undermines your Creative Commons license because bloggers generally won’t use your image and give you attribution. But love the photo anyway…

Chicago's Navy Pier

Here is an interesting night shot by Definitive HDR and submitted by Priyesh Patel.

Tower Of Americas

This photo by Brandon Watts is of Lou Neff Point in Austin, TX and was shared by Kenneth Lee.

Lou Neff Point

Brian Winshell, who is pretty darn new to Twitter, shared this photo of the Hilton Woburn.

This one was taken and submitted by Leo Teles and entitled Narrow Old Street. It’s part of his rather large online portfolio that is worth stopping by…

Narrow Old Street

At first, I thought Oliver Wilke’s photo entitled March 14th was of some sort of apocalyptic fire. Then I realized it was just how the image was processed. :-) Very nicely done!

March 14

Here’s one called Peace in Prague from Eugene once again. I’m very impressed with the consistent quality of Eugene’s work and I highly recommend that everyone spend some time exploring his photos.

peace in Prague

Another from Matthias Weigel entitled Nature is Coming Back.

Nature is coming back

This next one, sent in by Jonas is of the NXP building in the Netherlands courtesy of photographer Torfinn Berset. I’ve never seen a building quite like it!

NXP Building

This one is of Lincoln’s Tomb taken by Ron McDonald. Magnificent colors…

Lincoln's Tomb HDR

Here is a fantastic photo by Thamer Al-Tassan of the Taj Mahal which was shared by C Whitfield. I love everything about this photo and it makes me wish I was there to experience it firsthand. The sign of an exceptional photo!

Taj Mahal

Enjoyed this one called Going Through the Mill by Jacob Crosby. Kind of peaceful in a rustic old sort of way.

Going Through the Mill

This next one from Astin is fantastic. It’s a sign hanging on City Hall with only four simple letters. It’s George Orwell’s worst nightmare come true. ;-)

City Hall OBEY

Heather Lang demonstrated her exceptional taste by sharing the next two images. This first one is of a Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt.

Pyramids 2 – HDR by =Ageel

And this next one is called Chasing Blue Sky.

Chasing Blue Sky HDR by *ISIK5

Nick Foust sent this next one, which I think just goes to prove that sometimes the most interesting view is simply straight up! This is the Scotia Mcleod Building in Downtown Victoria, B.C shot by Brandon Godfrey.

Scotia Mcleod Building

Astin posted this wonderful photo of Lunenburg Academy in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia.

Lunenburg Academy

Mike Appel submitted this photo of The Met in New York city. I love the way the banners just jump out at you.

The Met

I really love this next one. I like the name of the shop, the brightness of the colors, the fact that the door is inviting me in, and the bokeh effect with the lighting drop off in the background. Congrats to Jonas once again for this photo. Your overall body of work is superb.

The Little Store

This photo of the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia took me back a little at first. I wasn’t sure I cared of the black and white, fading into color effect. But I kept staring at it trying to figure out if it was a result of the lighting, or deliberate Photoshopping by the artist. Eventually I decided it didn’t matter! The photo was interesting! Thanks to Ted Doherty for sharing and Marc for taking the photo!

Cathedral of Santa Eulalia

This next shot of the Coat Hangar Bridge in Sydney Australia was just edged out by our winner. I’ve never seen this bridge before but it’s magnificent. Thanks to Matt Cozza for sharing it!

Late Afternoon

The Winner!

Michael Appel submitted this absolutely amazing photo from Anto 13. Just look at it. How could it not win? I can’t take my eyes off it. I want TO BE THERE! I want to take that photo! I want it hanging on my wall. Just magnificent.

Oh, by the way, before the controversy erupts… Scott Barlow also submitted this photo! But Michael beat you to the punch. ;-) Even though Michael jumped the gun a bit by sharing it before official Architecture day, I gotta give him credit for the win…

Bridge and Reflection

There were so many other fantastic submissions over the last few days, some of which I’m sure I missed, and many which I could not publish because of the nasty copyright restrictions the photographers placed on them (which HURTS you, not HELPS you). I looked at hundreds each day though, and many, many were fantastic – so on behalf of Trey Ratcliff and Peachpit, thanks to everyone for playing!

If you are an active photographer on Flickr make sure and friend me up over there so I can follow you back and keep an eye on all those fantastic photos. And until then, happy shooting!


  1. says

    I had a great time participating in to the contest. I found many new photographers to follow, and I am really happy that one of my photos got a honorable mention, Thank you all !!!!!

  2. says

    I LOVE the Scotia McLeod photo – it makes me want to create a logo based on that image. Thanks so much for posting these…what a fabulous display of talent.

  3. says

    This is an awesome compilation, John! Great way to wind down the contest.

    I really like the winning entry (the reflection looks so surreal), but my favorite image from this compilation is the one of the Taj Mahal (I think it’s beautifully framed and the way the man is sitting at center, it’s amazing).

    I’m curious if you’ll be doing a contest like this sometime in the future? I really enjoyed participating in it! Finally, thanks very much for the kind words about my work as well. I appreciate it!

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