Stop Scraping Snow and Ice and Use A Windshield Cover

Windshield Snow Cover
John P.

Today it’s snowing in Dallas. Rare, but it happens. Even more often we get terrible ice storms. And there is nothing worse than trying to scrape ice off the windows of a car for like half an hour when its freezing outside. So guess what… You don’t have to do that!

If you have a vehicle that you can’t park in a garage, like my big ass Nissan Titan pickup truck, you can get a Windshield Cover and just put it over your window before the storm comes. Then, no matter how much ice comes down, when you are ready to go you just pull the cover off the window and there goes the mess with no scraping!

If you’d rather not spring for a $10 cover (or these $6 disposable ones – Frosty Fender Disposable Windshield Cover) you can just take a large garbage bag and split it down the sides – leaving it attached on the bottom – then when you spread it out lengthwise it should be wide enough to cover the whole window. Same thing with a little painters dropcloth from Lowes or Home Depot. Just find some plastic sheeting and cover the window and you’ll be all set.


  1. says

    My wife is a Texan, and after 12 years of marriage, and living in my native Montana, she decided it was time to come home .. so, here we are. Beaumont got about an inch and a half of snow a while back and the neighbors here thought I was a bit off when I placed an old sheet over the windshield of my truck ..

    Yup .. A crazy old wild-eyed Montana boy, moving to Southeast Texas with block heater plugs hanging out of his rigs and then covers his windshield with a sheet .. LOL .. I can just imagine what the neighbors thought.

  2. Todd says

    Being from Vermont I have to tell you this method does work great and saves a lot of hassle. However you have to remember to do it LOL.

  3. says

    Only one caveat. DO NOT put the plastic on a “wet” windshield when you expect the temperatures to drop way below freezing. The plastic can stick badly to the glass, especially if there are cracks or chips in the window. I did that a long time ago with my jeep and had to get a hair dryer to get the plastic off the window. It’s rare, but it happens. We had a sudden warming then extreme drop in temperature. Otherwise, I do this all the time, taking care to try to keep the window “dry” before putting the plastic on. Cardboard works in a pinch, though it can get very soggy if wet. Desperate measures. :D

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