The World’s Craziest Construction Tricks!

Amazing Construction Tricks
John P.

We all know that construction workers are crazy. I mean come on. You can’t stand outside in the sun all day wearing a hardhat, boots, gloves and overalls without frying your brain just a little bit! And now, we have real evidence caught on video that these guys are out of control!

The Tape Measure Ninja!

Just imagine what this guy could do with a gun!

The Human Nail Gun

Big Steve throws nails harder than anyone you’ve ever seen! What did this guy play with as a kid? Throwing stars?

The Old Nailgun Bullseye Trick

Speaking of nails, you ever heard about someone splitting an arrow in a bullseye with another arrow? Watch this…

Saws Are For Sissys

Of course, nail tricks are for wussies. Do NOT piss this guy off if he has a saw blade in his hand!

The 15 Ton Merry Go Round

Really though, are you truly playing around if you’re not using 15 tons of earth moving equipment? I submit NOT.

The Arm Socket Destroyer!

You thought that the last one was bad? This guy nearly lost a couple of arms!


  1. says

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  2. Jericho says

    The nail throwing and tape measure are real. The nail-GUN is quite fake. If you see the nail that first goes in, it’s been split into four perfect sections. A real nailgun would mash the second and first nails together.

  3. says

    Wow that was great I cant stop laughing and the nail gun that pomroy was talking about is a finishing nail gun he had a framing nail gun.

  4. Anon says

    Actually, you’re all wrong. It’s not magic tricks, it’s called advertising. The first 4 are all viral marketing videos for a company called Integrity Glass. You can see it on the windows in each and every video. Kinda obvious actually…

  5. Pat says

    Haha please stop complaining about it being fake. Some are real, or at least possible, some are obviously fake, I don’t think anyone is actually trying to fool you. They’re just doing a funny “magic” trick. Sheeeeesh.

  6. Pomroy says

    It’s fake… nailguns aren’t powerful enough to do that, and they don’t shoot broadheaded nails, they shoot nails kind of like sewing needles in that at the top they barely get bigger. those kind don’t fit in the gun. also, most pellet guns won’t even penetrate a full mountain dew bottle, and those pellets go 500+ feet per second.

    just fake.

    • aaron says

      your wrong about the nail gun..i’ve been roofing for 25 years and it completely depends on the pressure from your compressor and i also shoot flathead roofing nails out of my gun every day..all depends man

    • Jesse says

      Aaron’s right, it might be fake, but you’re wrong about the gun, there are different types, my dad’s been a carpenter for 30 years and owns finish nail guns like what you’re talking about, roofing nail guns like what aaron is talking about, and framing nail guns that shoot nails like the ones in the video. the guy throwing the saw blade is definitely fake though, that’s just stupid.

    • Paige says

      the nailgun bullize it’s fake. My uncle can do it. he’s done it before with flattops and nine inch nails. sorry to burst your bubble buddy.

    • Jackledead says

      You’re wrong about the pellet guns, I’ve shot full 2-liters, and they bleed..

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