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Animoto is Working
John P.

Howdy folks! Here is a little video we shot at South by Southwest last week with the folks from Animoto. It’s a neat little service that I think you will enjoy…

To give you the rundown on how it works, basically you just create an account on and then upload photos and video clips. You choose a music clip, and then let Animoto go to work. When it’s working you get a little screen like this one:

And when it’s done, you get a video like this! The embed code is right there so you just cut and paste it into your site, or you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or wherever you like.

They have free and paid versions starting as cheap as $30 per year (I used the paid version to make this video because it’s over 30 seconds)! So you can get a lot of value out of this for a very little money. And if you follow the banner I’ve got below you will get an extra discount in case you wanted the paid plan instead of the free one. It’s essentially an Animoto coupon code link. Enjoy!

Animoto - The End of Slideshows

For the record, here are the photos that I uploaded to let Animoto create the video embedded above. If you peruse them, it gives you a bit of a sense of the difference between seeing them in an animated slide show vs. clicking one at a time. I also uploaded five video clips ranging from 5-9 seconds each. You can take clips like that with your little pocket camera while you are out taking photos.


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    The video you made looks pretty professional, but I was surprised when I saw the price! I wouldn’t use it enough to be worth it, but obviously some people will.

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