15 Amazing iPad Wallpapers from StuckInCustoms.com

iPad Desktop Wallpaper
John P.

Ok gang, for those of you who just got an iPad, you really need something nice to spice things up so you don’t have the same old iPad desktop wallpapers that everyone else has! Luckily Trey Ratcliff has come to the rescue!

So here is what you are going to do…

  1. Head on over to StuckInCustoms.com’s iPad Wallpapers page and pay the man $5 for this set of 15 beautiful wallpapers.
  2. Install them and be the envy of everyone you know, even those WITH an iPad. (Especially them!)
  3. Revel in your own glory.

Have fun!


  1. says

    I’m waiting until “late April” to get 2 iPads so I purchase the wallpaper’s from Stuck In Customs because:
    1) I really like his work,
    2) I’m feeling left out this weekend,
    3) I need some really cool-looking wall paper for the iPad.

    A bonus is that they look great on my iPhone right now.

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