Who is Reading OneMansBlog.com Anyway? CrowdScience Will Tell Ya!

John P.

I guess it was about a month ago when I signed up for CrowdScience.com‘s service to see what they could tell me about the visitors to my little old blog here. And some of you may have been prompted during the last few weeks with a little popup asking you to take a survey. For those of you who participated – Thanks!

Anyway, I thought it would be fun and interesting to share some of the results of the profiles of readers here on the blog. A few statistics that I find particularly interesting are:

  • 18% of OMB readers are still in School, but over 2/3rds have attended at least some college. 40% of you actually have degrees!
  • More than half of you report that you are earning over $50,000 per year. Wow! That’s a wealthy bunch of readers!
  • 50% of you guys are over 35 years old. Obviously, the other 50% is younger. ;-)
  • About half of you are married, and 20% still live with your parents.
  • 42% of you use the Internet at LEAST 24 hours per week! Wow, that’s like a part time to full time job!

Here are the raw charts and graphs. I’ve selected a few to showcase, but more are available in the thumbnails below. If you notice any other interesting stats from these graphs leave me a comment below. I’m fascinated by this information although I have absolutely no use for it at all! Have fun!

Education Levels

Income Levels

Age Distribution

Marital Status

Internet Usage Habits

And here are several other areas to explore…


  1. says

    Just goes to show that I’m a minority in every category! Or that your viewers are incredibly evenly distributed, showing that your blog has a wide appeal.

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