Trey Ratcliff’s New Video – Japan: Heartbeats of Time

Monkey in Japan
John P.

Wow, I’ve got a special treat to share with you guys today. Trey Ratcliff just released a new video he made from his recent travels in Japan. As you probably know, he’s amazing at HDR photography and posts photos freely to his site Stuck In Customs, and also his HDR Flickr account. (Did you see the piece of HDR Wall Art I got from him recently?) But what many of you might not know is that Trey also dabbles in Video. So here is his video entitled Japan: Heartbeats of Time.

For many parts of this video Trey used an effect he pioneered called “Stuck in Motion“. It’s a fantastic technique, and one that I intend to try and utilize next week while I’m at the Indy 500. People, and living things in general, look absolutely amazing with this technique. Inanimate objects seem to simply be rolling by in slow motion.

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