Tutorial: Fix iPhone and Google Calendar Time Zone Sync

John P.

Folks, I travel a lot. And I use my iPhone, and I use Google Calendar. On my recent trip to the Indy 500 my phone apparently did all sorts of automatic stuff based on my time zones and kept me in good shape. However, when I returned to Dallas I had something strange happen!

Although my Google Calendar was reflecting the proper time zone on my computer, and ALL of my time zone settings were correct, my Google Calendar as viewed through Safari on the iPhone was off by exactly one hour – which happens to be the same as the difference on the trip I took.

I searched EVERYWHERE for settings on how to fix this, and finally figured out the incredibly complex way to do it!

Turn your iPhone off and then on again.

Yeah. That’s it. Power cycling the phone corrected the time zone immediately. So if it happens to you, now you know.


  1. says

    Ok i solved it…
    You need to go into settings and change the time zone – not just the time on the clock. It solved the problem immediately.

  2. Peter says

    I turn my iphone off regularly, but my problem is the timezone for events in my gmail calendar on my phone is fine – but some appointments I’ve forwarded from my non-iphone supported work outlook calendar, are always 10-12 hrs after the event on the iternet version of my gmail calendar. Why the difference and how do I fix it? Both my phone and gmail account display the same timezone (Sydney, Australia).

    Any solution or work-around much appreciated – but I’ve found nought thus far on googling the problem.

  3. K Brown says

    Ok, this is probably a lot late- but I’ve been travelling through India (I’m from DC) the past month, and taking a few airlines. Anyway, I just returned home and when I turned my phone on and attempted to recharge, I can see my calendar is off! It says that today is Friday, December 31, 1999 at 9:34 pm! I already tried to power on/off, and nothing! I’m freaking out because all my calendar stuff and appointments are supposed to be on here! Does anyone know how I can get this phone to get back to today’s date? Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at the proper time?

  4. says

    I owe myself a big dopeslap to the forehead on this one. I’m on a 3 hour difference now from my home time zone and my iphone is therefore quite out of sync. I googled for a fix and found your page, and bravo! Your lead in “finally figured out the incredibly complex way to do it!” had me convinced at first there would be a paper clip involved at some point.

  5. says

    I agree with Roberta, thought power cycling was the defacto fix for everything.

    I was just wondering on my recent trip to Chicago how my iPhone calendar appointments were organized. If I enter it as 5pm eastern, when I land in another time zone — does it change? I think it should automatically adjust, a time is a time, no matter where you are

    I’m not sure these phones have nailed down the multiple time zone user accurately yet.

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